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i am married to a philippino lady can i live in the philippines

i am married to a philippino lady can i live in the philippines?
i married a nice philippino lady i would like to live there what do i do to stay there
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Well, first you need to ask your nice wife if she wants to come back home. Most Filipinas who married westerners would rather stay abroad. If she agrees with your plan, the Philippines has a Foreign Retiree Program which you can apply for. Or you can apply for a temporary residence visa.
2 :
If you want to live there and are married to a filipina you need a 13a visa
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yes you can
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Frankie, you can live any place in the world not just the Philippines.
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Yes you can! Many of us do so. Biggest thing is to have an income of about $1,00 US per month. You can get all the other info on the Philippine official website "Bureau of" Also a good place to get help is "living in Cebu". Listen to "Servant" as he is a good man.
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you can live there in the Phillipines ,,, but if do , you will or could risk being taxed in anything you take to the country so beware , also you must pay money to live in the phillippines how much it is i dont know ? i would make sure you both have new passports as you might find it difficult to get out of the phillipines togeather at a later date ...
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You go to the Philippines, make sure you have taken care of everything in the States and brought everything you could think of (papers). Your wife then files for a 13a Spousal visa for you...The cost even if you have an agency do it for you will be less than $1,000 USD. About half that if you want to do all the stand in line and waiting... You will first get a temporary 13a 1 year resident visa which will then become permanent after the first year of probation is up (small cost for paper work) After that you renew every 5 years (total cost to renew less than $200 USD) Now I pay the extra and have an agency handle it all for me since I have become disabled and unable to get around much but the $200 will also be enough to cover that. Once you get your 13a you can work here if you want without having to get a work permit, your 13a covers all that. BUT STAY AWAY FROM POLITICS! That will get you thrown in jail and deported faster than a heart beat....(Unless you are a Catholic Priest) I sing but I cannot even perform at a political outing as that is considered foreign interference.
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I would recommend to come for an extended visit first, then, if you still want to live here, apply for a 13A visa. Around 50% of the people that think they would like to live here return to their homeland within the first year. The Philippines is not for everyone. What I'm saying is, test the waters before jumping in.
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Spousal visa will allow you to stay
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Yes. Ask your wife or ask help from the American or Philippine government department that deals with these kind of stuff. aimdeep is actually Malaysian. So he probably hates us because we're claiming Sabah (which is ours anway).
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when you arrive in the philippines with your filipino wife, you get a free 1 year balikibayan visa; after a year you may change your mind.