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How much money should I save up to live in the Philippines

How much money should I save up to live in the Philippines?
I'm going to be sent to Philippines for college. I'm saving money so that I can have money for my personal wants. My parents will be sending money for school and things I need. How much money should I save up?
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it depends what college and course good colleges like Ateneo and La Salle cost roughly 4000USD a year Get into University of the Philippines, and you can pay 500USD a year a good, personal condo unit in a prime location costs about 500USD monthly food is cheap here, dont worry about it
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It depends on how you want to live and where you want to live and study. If you're going for a private school, condo type housing, will need a car and live off of fast food restaurant in Manila. You're looking at 30 to 50 thousand pesos a month + another 25-45k per semester for school tuition.
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as i understand the question, your parents will pay for tuition, room and board, and you want to know how much spending money you will need. hard to answer, depends on a lot of things, especially are you a boy or girl? if ur a guy, do you plan to have girlfriend? or girlfriends? plan to live a college playboy party lifestyle? or do you like to travel a lot? as a typical student, with room and board already paid for, i expect you could have a great time on a budget of a few hundred dollars a month. IMHO, you should save up as much as possible, if you are in the us, uk, etc., get a job, work overtime, etc.. because there is no opportunity to make money in the philippines, so don't even bother trying.
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since your parents would be spending for your school tuition and other school-related expenses, i would assume that it includes rent money and food allowance. it would be best if your boarding house is near the school, preferably walking distance so you would have no problems regarding transportation costs. for a typical college student, PhP4000/weekend (around $100) is more than enough for a night out. in the philippines, teeners seldom go out alone. often, a night out is spent with friends. so, the cost of partying is often split. once, my friends and i went to a beach resort in another province for 3days and 2 nights and it only cost us around PhP3000/each (around $75) for the entire vacation! also, for college students in the philippines, once a week partying is the max. but then again, it depends on what course you are taking up. in college, i took up political science as pre-law and i never really got around the partying. i was always up all night, high on energy drinks because of the tons of papers to write and books to read... but you will enjoy every minute of it! there are a lot of things to do in manila, often with so little cost. you don't have to go to the bars to have fun!

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