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How much would it cost to live in the Philippines

How much would it cost to live in the Philippines?
I am a white male. I want to move to the Philippines to be amongst the Filipino women, little boys, and little girls. How much would it cost to move there?
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its gonna be hard to learn new language and everything but i know your just trolling ;)
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Im going to give you an estimate... Excluding your plane ticket, this would be your expense in there if you live in Metro Manila...Metro manila includes, Manila City, Quezon City, Makati City, etc...but those cities are I think the best to live in... 1. Are you gonna buy a condo unit a house or rent an appartment? I suggest that you just take an appartment first when you get there and its your choice if you want to purchase a house and lot... when you rent an appartment...a 2 bedroom apt will cost you 9000-15000 Pesos. in dollars its $200-$333 per month...take note that a 2bedroom apt which cost $333 a month is probably a beautiful apt...most of the apt there has 2 floors, 1st floor was for dining, kitchen and living room, bathroom, 2nd floor would be only for the 2 bedrooms, so rooms there are big enough... Transpo, dont worry bout it, its could take the train, for 15 Pesos its like 0.33cents in dollars...or jeep which is about 7.50 Pesos, its 0.16c in dollars... Food, its cheap, just put it this way, here in NY, you take one meal at chinese food, its $5.75 in Philippines, lets say 1 meal in McDonalds is 100 Pesos, its like near $2.22... Breakdown: Rent = $300 Food = $250/mo-$300/mo this is, if you would not cook your food, if you cook your food, you could save more and maybe it could go down to $150-$200/mo.... Therefore, if you have a budget of like $600/mo, you can live there well like a middle class and will eat what you want... Take note $600/mo is only for your Apt RENT and FOOD to spare...this does not includes other going to bars, to resorts, buying your clothing, hygene stuffs... If you got $1000/mo to spend, oh man, I think you could be called by some to be rich...But be careful man, EVERY places here on EARTH had bad guys and good guys...I just want you to realize that every where you go, it could be dangerous or safe...thats why always watch your back and PRAY...

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