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is it true that some people from china or philippines live in the sea because of lack of land

is it true that some people from china or philippines live in the sea because of lack of land?

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1 :
maybe. or because they fish for a living. whichever.
2 :
some people lives in their ships.
3 :
There are boat people in China, but I doubt it is because of a lack of land. China is very large and while a lot of the land is not livable, they aren't forcing people to live in the sea.
4 :
Most people in the Philippines live on the land and there is still plenty of open space especially in the province's away from the city.
5 :
I am not sure about the Philippines, but I am currently from the USA and living in China. I have lived here for 3 1/2 years off and on over the last five years and have visited almost every province in China. I have to say that there is plenty of land in China...nobody is forced to live in the sea because there is a lack of land. A lot of people in China have continued to move to the big cities closest to them. There is a big push for industrialization and if people move to big cities they have better access to health care, money, and a better standard of living. This is the reason that so many Chinese cities have populations in the millions (i.e. Shanghai). This also makes China seem more crowded and leads to the common misconception that there is no room in China. So to answer your question this is a huge country and there is plenty of land in China.
6 :
Hi, guess there are people pulling your legs on this. Usually the people who lives on water are those who live off the sea for their living. Having to go out daily and long periods, it just becomes a convenience to make living on water, home. There are those so-called "sea gypsies" who practically lives on their boat. This is more by choice than lack of land. There are sea gypsies in many countries, like in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines. Even in Hong Kong, there are people who had made living on water their preference, being in the ferry business. They opt to stay on their boat for economy too. Hope this helps.
7 :
it is true-no one is pulling your leg-but it is hong kong they re talking about--many do live on boats there--land is a problem as is poverty--it's a fact-and no they aren't all fishermen/women--actually i doubt any are--many are from poorer areas or situations--some also are non residents of anywhere anymore--having taken flight from someplace somewhere --these people(on the boats) are the ones who do the lowest of the low jobs in china(hong kong)-the vast majority of those lw skilled-menial paying -jobs--anyway--so-there's your answer---cheers

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