Friday, January 7, 2011

Boxing fans where would you rather live in the Philippines or USA

Boxing fans where would you rather live in the Philippines or USA?
Pacman and Donaire were born in the Philippines. Mayweather and some of the best boxers today are from the great USA. USA:,r:3,s:35&biw=800&bih=329 PHILIPPINES:
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1 :
Im surprised peabrain flomos put the Philippines and USA in the same sentence.
2 :
Wow bruhh that's taking it too far, sh!t I could do the same thing USA,r:0,s:0 PHILIPPINES:,r:16,s:32&biw=1024&bih=546 EDIT: My point is every place has it's ups and downs, goods and bads yes DT even South Africa. I heard Cape town is one of the most dangerous cities in the world!
3 :
What has that got to do with boxing? Again, Please have your African American President plead with Floyd to stop the charade and try to give honor to his country. Other African Americans did their part. Harry Reid sought the Filipino boxer's endorsement. Why?
4 :
Obviously the USA. Not even a comparison. South Africa is better than both though :) (yes I am bias)
5 :
@Phag Chiavelli - either country would be better than living in your mom's cavernous snatch.
6 :
Being an American, I prefer my country natuarally.
7 :
I'm African American and i have been living in the Philippines for a very long time.I love it there,however,i'm in the states on a 8 week vacation right now.Can't wait to get back to my bed and relax.It's great to be an American living abroad!
8 :
i have been to the Philippines and there is a little more to it than a landfill. it is full of friendly people people with open minds and no haters like you, so i guess you are better off staying right there in the U.S. with your bitterness instead of further polluting our reputation.
9 :
This is Pacquiao at his best
10 :
You've obviously got a vendetta against Pacquiao, his fans, and the Philippines. The Philippines isn't the most luxurious place in the world, but America isn't exactly sunshine and lollipops, either. I'd rather live in America. But it'd be very interesting to live in the Philippines. By pointing out the slums of the Philippines, you've only strengthened Pacquiao's story of rising up from nothing. Thus, you're really helping his legacy. Thank you for that.

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