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Filipino guys or people that live in the Philippines! Is it true that a girl in the Philippines doesnt

Filipino guys or people that live in the Philippines! Is it true that a girl in the Philippines doesnt?
eat junk food, because its not right? My boyfriend told me that in the Philippines girls dont eat junk food because its a gross thing to see.
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1 :
where in the world did u hear that from?
2 :
To be honest, I think that's a load of bullshit
3 :
thats a BIG LIE!!! sisters loves to eat junk food...and thats like what most of the girls in the Philippines like theres just something wrong with ur Filipino boyfriend... and i've lived there for 12 years
4 :
Honey, some Filipinos eat junk foods, some do not.
5 :
that's not very true. filipinos, both male and female, are suckers for junkfoods and are following the steps of americans on obesity. fastfood chains are found in every corner and you can see them full anytime of the day. one true thing, though, is that filipinos are also conscious about their health more than the americans and most likely would keep from eating junkfoods every now and then.
6 :
huh? maybe your boyfriend is referring to a vegetarian filipinas. but most of the people are eating junk foods.
7 :
Must be a LDS Phillipino. In a compound. The rest love it.
8 :
Define your junk food... Cause maybe your junk foods are different from our junk food... But all in all... that's not true at all
9 :
Are you Filipino? Do you eat a lot of junk food? My guess is he is just being a jerk and is trying to send you a message.
10 :
There might be people in the Philippines that do not eat junkfood. And that is true for all countries around the world, especially people in the farflung areas & certain types of Filipinos/Filipinas in the cities. But generally the Filipino people are very much like the Americans except that most eat a lot of rice & they eat it many times in a day even in every meal.
11 :
No they do...but sometimes its rare if the girl if sort of poor. Right now many can't afford rice. However, overall yes, Filipina does eat junk food. For example, McDonalds....10 years ago just a few in Manila, now there's one every 1/2 mile or so. The country is changing. Don't listen to your bf because he just wants you to be healthy, and have good feelings that come from eating right, and have bettter self esteem, and look good. You don't need a guy like him :)
12 :
thats a lie! The only reason I go to the Philippines is to eat junk food especially the ones they dont sell it here in USA. Hmmm love the fish balls!!!OISHI!! Everytime I come back to USA I always bring a big big box full of junk food!!!
13 :
Your boyfriend is misinformed.
14 :
i don't think you're boyfriend isn't even Filipino. My sis eats tons of junk food. I think it's part of our culture. :D
15 :
We hate that America have to flood our market with their junkfood.
16 :
it's a modern day philippines.wherever you go.there are plenty of fast food restaurants.he probably told you lies so you dont have to gain weight.a lts of pinay are to busy working long hours.dont have time to cook at they ended up eating out.
17 :
nope. WE eat junk foods too. and it's NOT gross to see.
18 :
scratch that fact. not true.
19 :
No. that's not true. I am a Filipina and I always buy junk food whenever I'm watching TV. All Filipinos were eating junk food as well as the children.
20 :
there's something wrong with your filipino boyfriend........all filipinos eat junkfoods
21 :
As a travel writer who has frequently visited the Philippines, I can assure you of something: The Philippines has one of the highest ratios per population, of fast food restaurants- both local and foreign chains- as compared to several other neighboring countries. And a visit to any " junk food" joint in the Philippines will reveal, it's not only men or males who gorge the calorie laden food there. An equal number of their customers, if not more, are also females. In the Philippines, I found it was "trendy" to patronize joints that serve "junk food" as you characterize it.
22 :
what? where?
23 :
Not true. Girls, more than boys, eat junk foods.
24 :
Only if the girl has Junkfoodphobia
25 :
The term "junk food" is misleading. People assume you mean "fast food". However, I have seen plenty of people eating some things that I might call junk or garbage and it is gross. But, those things don't come from McDonalds or Jollibee, or Pizza Hut. Its the stuff like lechon baboy, ginamus, and dried fish that looks too gross to put in my mouth. And another thing.......who is your boyfriend to say what is right or not right? He got some issues.
26 :
We eat junk foods. But not as much as Americans. You can tell it by our built. It's not a gross thing to see either. Your boyfriend just wants you not to eat it because it's unhealthy. But junk foods are eaten mostly by kids, not by grown ups.
27 :
i'm a filipina... your boyfriend is telling a big lie!!! almost everyone loves it... whether they are chips, crackers, chocolates, fastfoods...
28 :
i'm a filipina and i do love junk foods,, though i prefer nutritious foods than it.... well, maybe ur boyfriend's just sending you a message... let you just interpret it.. maybe, he just don't want you to eat junk foods.. :)
29 :
I love junk food
30 :
who asked u that they do that actually its not illegal
31 :
Wilma Doesn't. It might damage her figure, and she is a model, you know. Most Filipinas are taught from childhood to recognize the value of home cooking over junkfood.
32 :
33 :
some people just choose not to eat junk food because it's unhealthy...
34 :
... your boyfriend?! esta loco! tell him you love junk food and your "neighbor" Filipino girl friend eats junk all the time. gian's a little wackk but I'll accept him if you like him soo much :]
35 :
Everybody who responds to this question has a computer and the resources to have a better life. What about all of the por Filipino's? Do you think they have miney for junk food, when they can not even afford to put rice on their table, or buy school books and other life neccesities. Think real hard. Between 88 and 91 Filipino's in the Philippines. Do you the vast majority of the Filipino people can afford junk food, when they can not even afford eat three good meals a day. For the most part, the average Filipino does not get to eat junk food. In part because there are many remote areas and junk food is not readily available or they do not have the money to purechase junk food.
36 : filipino and i think 80% of my girl cousins look like Star Jones...therefore this is totally bullzhit
37 :
wtf is wrong with your bf?lol

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