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What is he tallest above sea level mountain to live on in Philippines

What is he tallest above sea level mountain to live on in Philippines??
I know Mount Apo is the tallest at 10k above sea level, but it is also semi-active. I am wondering if there is anywhere in the Philippines thats a decent amount of above sea level. I would like to basically know the tallest mountain that can be lived on for a few months. Thanks.
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Try the Baguio mountains. <*-*> it's a nice place and known as the summer capital in the Philippines. There are also a lot of expats back there. Baguio, also known as City of Pines or City of Flowers, lies on a plateau 1400m above sea level. Although for many visitors it's a little more than a stopping-off point en route to Sagada and the mountain provinces, Baguio, with its pine trees and rolling hills, has a few secrets worth discovering, such as its parks and bohemian cafés, and the climate is a pleasant respite from the searing heat of the south.
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Try Maria Makiling mountain.
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try sagada...
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Then you can live on Mount APO.,.I never realized that it was a volcano..your saying that you want to live there for a few months never erupted in years,, Also,,there are a lot of communities around Mount Apo..its a destination for hikers and campers.. Lastly, a volcano does not erupt in an shows warnings..earthquakes.,,smokes..before it finally erupts so you will have enough time to leave..
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lake sebu, south cotabato.**
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Here are your choices: The Philippine's Highest Mountains (The 9,000-footers) Mountain Elevation (ft) Island 1. Mt Apo 9689 Mindanao 2. Mt Dulang-Dulang 9637 Mindanao 3. Mt Pulog 9610 Luzon 4. Mt Kitanglad 9509 Mindanao 5. Mt Tabayac 9322 Luzon 6. Mt Piapayungan 9233 Mindanao (The 8,000-footers) 7. Mt Maagnaw 8994 Kitanglad Mindanao 8. Mt Singakalca 8915 Cordillera Luzon 9. Mt Amuyao 8863 Cordillera Luzon 10. Mt Kapiligan 8758 Cordillera Luzon 11. Mt Cawit 8754 Cordillera Luzon 12. Mt Abao 8731 Cordillera Luzon 13. Mt Osdung 8584 Cordillera Luzon 14. Mt Lumuluyaw 8567 Cordillera Luzon 15. Mt Halcon 8482 Mindoro 16. Mt Alchanon 8449 Cordillera Luzon 17. Mt Cauitan 8426 Cordillera Luzon 18. Mt Baco 8161 Mindoro 19. Mt Kanla-on 8085 Negros 20. Mt Bangbanglang 8082 Cordillera Luzon 21. Mt Pawoi 8056 Cordillera Luzon 22. Mt Sapacoy 8056 Cordillera Popular Mountains and Peaks Nationwide (Luzon) 1. Mt Banahaw 2. Mt Mayon 3. Mt Makiling 4. Mt Pinatubo 5. Mt San Cristobal 6. Mt Maculot 7. Mt Mantalingajan (Visayas) 1. Mt Madja-as 2. Mt Cuernos de Negros (Talinis) 3. Mt Mandalagan 4. Mt Pangasugan 5. Mt Manunggal (Mindanao) 1. Mt Kitanglad 2. Mt Candalaga 3. Mt Dulang-Dulang 4. Mt Hibok-Hibok 5. Mt Malindang 6. Mt Sumagaya 7. Mt Lumot
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At the Kalsangi Village, at the food of Mt. Matutum in Cannery, Polomolok, South Cotabato where foreign principals and technical personnel from Dole Philippines, once lived. When they went home, the local VIPs of the company took over the housing units. It's a fresh, clean, green and cool place.
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Try Mt. Data in the Cordillera. A hotel and a youth hostel is available there.

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