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How can i live in the Philippines

How can i live in the Philippines?
I'm planning to move to Manila next year with my best friend, (i am half filipino but she isn't) we plan on going to college there, also we want to live there, but we also plan on switching back in forth from the US to the Philippines, so should i get a dual citizenship, and would it be expensive to live in manila? First of all D M J needa sit his happy ass down, no one told you to comment.
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Why would you want to move to a 3rd world country for college? lol. It's cheap there, because its a 3rd world country. Why the hell would anyone want to do that?
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Yes you should become a duel citizen. Your friend needs to apply for a student visa to attend college. After she has finished college there really is no way for her to reside here unless she marries a Philippine Citizen, then she can apply for a 13a Spousal visa. Manila is the most expensive place to live in the Philippines, next to Boracay. It would be much cheaper if you attended college in one of the smaller cities in the Visayas such as Iloilo, Bacolod or Dumagetti. Those places have many good colleges to choose from.
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No dual citizenship needed. Go to college in America It's cheaper here if you live cheap. The same as America if you want to live upscale.
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I think you need to reconsider things. Many of the collages & courses here are not recognized in the US so your education would be wasted no matter how cheap. You can get your dual citizenship but she will have to pay a lot of fees. Living here (especially Manila) & going to school would be expensive also. Switching back & forth will also cost you money. The jobs here have very little pay & she will not be allowed to work. I really think it would be cheaper to stay in the US.
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@ DJM siyat da f*ck up ip yu hab any problem with mah country or wid mah pipol then come down hir and fight lyke a man you destitue fagget!
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i suggest you don't.. why would you f*ckin' want to live here?? everybody wants to leave this stupid country!
7 :
now i know why Philippines didn't get rich and cant step up to full potentials.... because people don't love the country they're living for. for the question there's so many good schools here in our country the top schools are UP, ATENEO, DE LASALLE im sorry if it is not in right order. but for me that's you should be going to, if you lived here theres so many condo's or residential, its up to you.. if your here chat me up ym: creature83ph

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