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How hard would it be for foreigners to live in the Philippines

How hard would it be for foreigners to live in the Philippines?
Those foreigners wishing to live in the Philippines, would they have difficulty mixing with Filipinos since they don't know the language at all? And they don't know the local customs too. How much adjustment time do they need before they can really settle in?
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1 :
not really coz filipinos are very welcoming. if you're in the right place.
2 :
I believe that foreigners wouldnt have a hard time at all adjusting to Filipino culture if you do wish to live here. First of all Filipinos are very hospitable people so you wont have a hard time mingling in the crowd. We also understand that foreigners really dont know about local customs which by the way vary from region to region, so we give them lee way so to speak. But we do somehow want foreigners to join in the custom. Nothing to fear, well maybe the balut but that's about it. Anyway I think the one thing you will have to adjust to is the warm tropical weather. Hope I did help :) Mykee :)
3 :
To be honest, It would be wise to gather as much information about the country,its culture and people of every economic status. You have to have an open mind about how people are. I was ignorant about many things about filipino's but if you raise your awareness above how you view the people, your level of understanding will increase.Be careful how you obligate. Don't commit yourself to anything until you have full knowlege of the situation from all angles. Every foreigner have different experiences so don't just take my word of advise. enough said
4 :
I'm a half-Filipino and I was raised in PI and now I work in a foreign country... to be honest, what makes it hard for them to live in PI are the things like pollution, sanitation and crime rate. But really, you can go all over the world yet you couldn't find people as warm, hospitable and caring as the Filipinos. Yes, they can classify our country as poor but we're richer in many ways, not to mention the tourist-attractions and ofcourse the beaches ... very proud to be pinay! =)
5 :
Many have been here for many years. I have never had a problem with the people. Adjustng to the things that are different than home takes a little time. You may not be able to find your favourite food here. I miss chicken fried steak and a good steak most of all. There are possibilities though. I can get prime rib once a week. How they deal with renters is different so have plenty of up front money. Some want a pile of post dated checks on a Philippino bank before they will rent to you. Just look next door. The people are as corrupt with each other as the gov is to them. It's their way and you will have to get used to it. The poverty is depressng but if you really want to help do it through something like an orphanage or a school. The beggars on the streets are so sad but usually part of a group of organized crime that forces them to beg and them gives them pennies on what they bring in. Saome times a peso can ease you conscience about the kid standing by your taxi window but you better have more than one cause a pack will show up. The plumbing sucks. If you are a cook the kitchens suck. Wait to come here to meet someone. You can play with computer girls at the internet cafe's and probably meet the one you are talking to there. Or another one. Alarge majority of these folks are really over educated with few jobs so the western mindset is here too and most speak good enough English though many will not admit it. Get used to an afternoon siesta. They think it gets hot here. I'm from Texas and they ain't seen summer yet. All in all I'm in no hurry to get back to America. I'm very lazy and I have it made here. It great for retirees and the cost of living can be cheaper or higher whatever you want. The Pinoy is well mannered for the majority and the Pinay are beautiful. They may appear simple at first but before long you realize they are women and they are the same everywhere. Never think you are out thinking your Filipina. She is crafty but loyal as they can be. Jealous OMG. Just don't expect to find American convienous here and you will be fine. I love it here.
6 :
Despite the positive answer I still think it would be pretty damn hard unless you had someone show you around first and teach you the ways and the culture of the place. But so it is anywhere if you were ever to consider moving countries.
7 :
It wouldn't be as hard as one imagines. There would be alot of cultural differences but if your open minded enough to consider moving to another country like the Philippines then I imagine it wouln't be to bad for them. I would say money would be the biggest factor as work is really really hard to find for a foreigner over there. There is alot of western influence that would make the transition alot easier and alot of people there speak English pretty well so language wouldn't be a problem. One can achieve almost anything if they put their mind to it.
8 :
If your retired and have a steady income stream from your home country it's easy to adjust to life here in the Philippines. I do not speak Tagolog and speak a little of the local language. Most of the time English works just fine. I live in a small city that has lots of colleges and most people aside from market vendors speak english pretty well. It took me about a year to really settle in and adjust to the local culture. Things here are at a way slower pace and less stressful than living in the USA. If however you not retired or have a steady income stream life here can be very hard. There are way more people here than jobs so the pay is pitiful, the hours are long and there are no benefits. About the only job a foreigner here is likely to find is teaching english. Foreigners here also cannot own their own business or land. The Philippines is a foreigner hostile enviornment for investment. So to sum it up the Philippines is a great place to live when your retired and have money comming in from another country. If your expecting to come here and land a decent job or earn money with a business, forget about it.
9 :
No problem. Foreigners from Australia, Germany, Korea, Japan, USA and other countries are all over living in the Philippines. Doyou have a friend in the Philippines?
10 :
The Philippines is not for everyone. So, before making a committment to move to the Philippines, you need to stay there for an extended time first. As a person who lived in the Philippines and has a place waiting to go back to live in, I find it not hard at all to live in the Philippines. However, I am still learning after 14 years and I expect you will be too. In western culture where the customer is always right, the squeaky wheel gets oiled. That is to say, if there is someone in your shop making a loud complaint, they will be taken care of immediately. If something is not to your liking and you want to let every know it the Philippines, you will just be ignored! I mean really ignored. Do not expect anyone to come along to assist you in any way whatsoever. Worse still, everything is about face in the Philippines. If you cause someone to lose face, you have made an enemy for life. So, above all, to get along in the Philippines, treat ALL Filipinos with respect ALL of the time, regardless of your thoughts on any situation. Negotiations on anything are best done through third parties so that no one has to be embarressed. Not knowing the language isn't a problem, so long as you can speak English as English is one of the national languages of the Philippines. However, knowing at least a little bit of the local language is helpful. By local language, I mean the language of the area you will be living in, not necessarily Tagalog/Filipino. In Leyte where my accommodation is, they speak Bisaya. I understand about 100 words of Bisaya which I find is enough to get by on. I have foreign friends who can speak Bisaya fluently but I can't see them getting by any better than myself. Mixing with Filipinos is something that will be your choice too. In Cebu City for instance, there is a large expat population and there are many places you can hang out where mostly only foreigners go to or foreigners and their Filipina wives go to. Let me know what other questions you have by writing to me at Regards; Jim Sibbick
11 :
Think of Filipinos as English speaking Mexicans. If you can get along with Mexicans, you can get along with Filipinos. Customs are kind of similar and probably the closest you can get to Filipinos is Mexico. Although Filipinos are more gentle and not as tough.
12 :
as a wife of a foreign national, Id say my hubby didn't find any problem dealing with locals. Most filipinos speak english too so there wouldn't be any problem with language. Give yourself about 6 months to settle in.

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