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I live in the Philippines. How do I apply for a job in Australia

I live in the Philippines. How do I apply for a job in Australia?
I live in the Philippines and I graduated with an undergraduate degree on Business Administrations, Marketing. I studied for 4 years in U.S. I am interested working in Australia. How do I apply for a job in Australia? What good and prestigious companies should I look for? Many thanks for help and advices.
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Apply for a workers visa by visiting the Australian embassy in Manila. They have different junior jobs you can try and they pay you to volunteer in them. I hear fishing is a popular business venture in coastal regions in Australia
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There's something of a Catch 22 situation about finding a job in Australia from overseas. Unless you're really special in some way, non-sponsoring employers are not at all interested in hiring people who don't already have a work visa and particularly since new visa processing priorities were implemented from 1/1/09, your occupation must be on the Critical Skills List (CSL) for you to have any chance of obtaining a work visa within a reasonable time. Only some trades (mainly building, metal and electrical), engineering, accounting, health professions, some IT specialities and secondary school teaching are on the CSL. Your best approach is to find an employer offering sponsorship for a work visa. Some overseas agencies provide openings with such employers for a (large) fee but be aware that there are a number of scams operating in that area where money is demanded up front for services that never eventuate. Apart from going through an agency, the only suggestion I can make is to send your resume (cv) to large companies working in fields in which you have experience, making it clear that you are seeking sponsorship. If you have no experience, you will probably find it impossible to get sponsorship. Good luck.

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