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For all who live in philippines, is it me or does greenhills have all cellphone models

For all who live in philippines, is it me or does greenhills have all cellphone models?
I mean in greenhills the cellphone stalls cover up one entire floor!! Do they really have all the cell phone models? Im looking for a SE w550i
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is it me or is owning a cellphone a national preoccupation in the philippines? they don't have enough money for food, yet they have enough money for a load. hehehe...
2 :
go to SE shops! they offer warranties and of course the fact that the phone is not stolen! harhar
3 :
Yes they must have all the models, just be carefull it was not stolen or recon.
4 :
h beatrix! remember me? nkabili ka na ba ng w550i? mgkano m nbili? kse ngpabili ako sa Thailand 8000php lang pag converted. eh d2 sa pinas, 12000 pa! grabe! ang mura!...=} pareho kasi tau adik sa cellphOnes... di me mapakali pag nakakita ng bago!
5 :
I think not, maybe there are a lot of cellphone models to choose from their stalls but I think they don't have it all.
6 :
ALL MODELS? That's pretty hard to verify. But it's a pretty safe bet that you will find most popular cellphone models there, whether new or old. A little caveat, though. There's a good reason why Greenhills sellers have comparatively lower prices. The newer models don't have their original accessories. They replace the batteries with fake ones, including the battery chargers, headsets, etc. Sometimes, these auxiliaries don't come with the unit at all. At any rate, I don't mind. I mean, I got a new Motorola Razr for HALF the going price in other malls. I know the battery's not original. I know the battery charger is suspect. I know it has no headset. I know it was given to me without a USB cable. But so what? My cellphone works just fine. Besides, I don't need the headset or the cable/s and I'm going to trade it for a new model in a few months' time. So, no regrets. That SE model the guy mentioned above can be had for P9,000 or less in Greenhills if you know where to look or if you can haggle like crazy. So good luck!
7 :
greenhills often holds smuggled goods....... if you give a damn about warranty..... you could give it a shot.....
8 :
yes, for sure but make sure you know where its coming from

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