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I live in philippines, i have an old toshiba laptop, reclycle or donate it. 2 problems though

I live in philippines, i have an old toshiba laptop, reclycle or donate it. 2 problems though..?
i want to recycle it or give it someone who might still appreciate it, although it has to run on electricity the whole time, cuz the battery is already destroyed. moreover, it can only be used in very cold climate places, since it keeps on overheating every 15-20 minutes, although if its used in a cold area, it doesnt die that fast. so looking for some ideas or suggestions of what i can do with it pls? thank you!
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1 :
ok, just give it to me.. i live in baguio..lolz. it might have still a use..
2 :
I also have a old Toshiba top with very similar problem I bought on of those laptop stands that has built in fans for 1,200 Pesos and the computer runs great now. I purchased my laptop stand at Greenbelt Makati Donate it to a church, or Filipino relative
3 :
A lot of "mom and pop" stores will give you a trade in value. The "mom and pop" store price may begin higher then the big chains but with the trade in value you should get a better price. If not please remember to properly recycle the battery it's highly toxic on the inside which will become the outside when decomposing in a landfill.
4 :
If your laptop still works, donate it to somebody who can use it as long it still runs on electricity. If it keeps on overheating there are micro external fans that can be installed to boost the suction of hot air inside.
5 :
Donate it. If you are not going to use it anymore, someone may be able to benefit from it. "One man's trash is another person's treasure". It will also give you great karma.
6 :
dont be silly by donating that. fix it first before you donate that. you're just giving them problems and additional cost. fix it or recylcle.

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