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What is the best city to live in the Philippines

What is the best city to live in the Philippines?
I wanted to know what the best city to live in is in the Philippines? I am an American born Filipino who doesn't speak the language and doesn't know much about life out in the Philippines. I'm young, single, and ready to mingle. Any tips on a hip place for an Americanized Filipino to live in? Makati, Pasig, Quezon City, ect.?
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Hello, Stay out of manila. Cebu or Davao are the best little cities in the Philippines.
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Iloilo City ot Bacolod City. Although smaller they offer much of the same ammenties as the larger cities like Manila or Cebu. Both have many colleges and most people speak english well. The people are friendly and very hospitable. In Iloilo we have 5 major new shopping malls, many nice resorts resturants and beaches about 30 min outside the city. The iloilo supermarket chain carries a wide variety of imported american food and the usual fast food chains like MC Donalds, Pizza hit, dunkin doughnuts are here too. There is evan a waffle house in the Mega Mall where you can get a real american breakfast. There is plenty of nightlife over in smallville, it's an area with lots of small bars and resturants and seems to attract the young and single crowd.
3 :
In Angeles City, born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin all cool, And all shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school... Hehehe
4 :
Definitely Cebu, its not as busy as manila, great beaches, nice people.
5 :
I'm biased. I'm from Cebu so definitely I'd suggest the place although the offer comes with the advantages of what the city has over the other key cities of the country. Tranquility in the beachfront, slow-paced life, friendly people and the best of both rural and city life, if you want. Then, there's less pollution, less crime, accessibility to nature as well as to amenities, entertainment, malls, churches, hospitals - everything, in fact, within easy reach. The fare or transportation, too, is cheaper than in Manila or anywhere else. It only takes you 1 or 2 rides in public utility vehicles (jeepneys) to reach your destination within the city. Good luck!
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I'd suggest Baguio City... the most Americanized city in Asia... English is the most used language... very urbanized city, and the weather is cool... there are also lots of foreigners there that settled, such as Americans, Europeans, Asians, etc...
7 :
try provinces..
8 :
Makati would be your best bet mate. There's plenty of great spots for young hip people such as yourself to have some fun. Its also very well established as far as infastructure is concerned. Plenty of shopping centres,restaraunts and clubs too. You don't really need to worry about being able to speak the language mate. Most Filipinos speak English and even if they don't they can atleast understand it to a degree. Anyway everyone in Makati speaks English so you'll have no worries there. You haven't really said if your going to visit or permanently stay there but my honest advice is to visit for afew weeks first and then make a better decision on what you want to do. If you need more info feel free to give me a buzz as I would love to help out a first timer to the Pines. Feel alright!
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Makati is the best bet for me too. But I'd agree with the other guy, Baguio city is good place. It was developed by Americans when Americans came to the Philippines. All of the local folks speak english (they also have their own language and can also speak Filipino, the national langauge which is almost the same as Tagalog). In Baguio, the air is cool, it's in a mountain, so you'll need little adjusting to the weather. There are a lot of bars and other joints to enjoy your hip and young nightlife. They know how to party there. But if you really like the Urban life stay in Makati. It's the most urban city in Metro Manila (compost of many cities including Manila, Pasay, etc.). Cebu and Davao are also nice but I recommend Makati. It's also the business district of Metro Manila. Crime is low in this city and has one of the best (if not the best) and well equipped police stations in the country. We also have good hospitals in Makati. In fact they are making a new branch of St. Luke's hospital which is more equipped than 95% of U.S. hospitals. Medical tourism is also promoted in this country. A lot of place to chill in Makati. Try Greenbelt 3 and 2 (not Greenbelt 1, it's old but cozy), it has lots of restaurants and bars, etc. Also Glorietta 4, a mall. There are other smaller and older malls here. People here have great nightlives. We also have lots of 5star hotels here like the Marriott and Shangri-la hotel. Outside Makati, you can also try Eastwood coz it has lots to offer an american born like you. English is the most used language throughout the country (used in roads, studies, government, etc.) There are more English speakers in the Philippines than in Canada, we are 3rd in the list after the U.S. and the U.K. (it's true, maybe most of us are not as good as british or American people, but a lot of us can speak english well). So my top choice for you is Makati, 2nd is Baguio, and tied for third is Cebu and Davao. I've mentioned only 4 cities located in 3 of our islands, we have 7,107 islands so there are a lot to see. dont believe in all the bad news you hear about our country The Philippines is a democratic and free country too, it's in fact the oldest Democracy in Asia. You can stay anywhere in the Philippines actually. Mabuhay and Godbless.
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Its nice to know that you're interested to get a feel of your heritage. Being raised in the US but Filipino by heart you can easily adopt Philippine style of living. Philippines is a lot like California the only (big) difference is the level of living conditions. Metro Manila is the best place for you either you stay in Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig anywhere but within the Mega Manila you will enjoy the amenities and the modern comfort available in a Big city could give. Mega Manila is the center of trade and commerce so from this point you can chart out your escapades with local travel tours to visit nearby provinces in or outside Luzon. The cost of living would not be much if you are willing to commute in Jeepneys, buses and tricyles. The food is very cheap. Say if you are not particular with the living conditions and could live with only basic ammenities like a room, a shower coming from the tap that might be hot or cold depending on the weather, an electric fan and foods coming from nearby eateries you will survive with your 300 USD / month. Any additional expenses or luxuries for fun with beautiful companies will depend on your taste. When it comes to pretty kababayans , being a Fil-Am you would be like a dung attracting too many flies and its up to you on how you'd deal with it. But most likely you will find that a great number of them will be willing to marry you faster than a beartbeat. I guess you know what I mean. Scary though but you could find a true love amongst them. Mega Manila is awake 24/7 so you don't have any problem enjoying every hour of your stay there. The language will not be a problem like california english is widely spoken but like california you have those hispanics who couldn't speak and understand english. There are Filipinos who are like them too. Although lots of Filipinos could speak fluent spanish. Good luck and enjoy your stay in the Philipines. One more thing I bet you know that Filipinos are famous for their hospitality and generosity if you know how to play your cards you won't have a problem spending your money for food and other stuffs.
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you're young single looking for a hip place to mingle with so Makati is definitely the place for you. but if youre old, single and ready to count your days, Cebu and other provincial cities with nice beaches is the place for you.
13 :
For a secured place, better live at Filinvest I, Quezon City, in particular.
14 :
Any city within Metro Manila. Why? Because it is the National Capital region, and you will be within short distance to anywhere you need to go. Metro Manila is a melting pot, so you will have the opportunity to meet people from different regions of the Philippines. While staying in Metro Manila, you should travel to other points, as a look-see. Eventually, you might fall in love with one place. Then and only then should you decide to stay elsewhere. Just like in the song New York New York, "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere".
15 :
Makati or Alabang.
16 :
Compostela Cebu is the best place.

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