Saturday, March 21, 2009

Which country is cheaper and easier to get a visa to live in? Philippines or Thailand

Which country is cheaper and easier to get a visa to live in? Philippines or Thailand?
If anyone has information and can talk to me one on one that would be great. Thanks.
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Thailand because its a good country, tourist friendly, they have exotic places there and it has good food,,, but phillipines is a bit more expensive because when i lived in phillipines for a year there was either poor or rich,, and the houses there were really expensive but thailand has beautiful houses that are affordable!!!!
2 :
Live permanently? Or just temporarily? It depends on your purpose and resources. Tell us more and we will give you more details!
3 :
it depends which country are you in
4 :
I have lived in both and now live in the Philippines. Thailand is much easier for foreigners to live in than in the Philippines except for the language. English speaking people would find it easier in the Philippines to communicate. Years ago the Thai government saw the benefits of having expatriate live and own business's in Thailand and they changed their laws to accommodate them. Yes, there are still restrictions on foreigners, but not like the Philippines. The Philippines is way behind and I doubt if they will catch up in twenty years because the attitude about foreigners owning land and business's' in the Philippines is so negative. The poor and middle class people of the Philippines do not realize that the politicians and wealthy are the ones spreading the bad propaganda about foreigners investing and having more control of their business's in the Philippines because the rich Filipinos cannot control the land and business's'. They cannot force foreigners to give them 60 percent of their business and control just to do business in the Philippines. The poor would benefit with more jobs and higher wages if those restrictions were lifted.

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