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How much do I need to earn to live in Philippines with my future wife

How much do I need to earn to live in Philippines with my future wife?
I am wondering what is the cost of living in Philippines and the best way to give us me and my future wife a comfortable living there, I would like to start a business together but I am not sure how much would I need, thanks.
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understand that a lot of daily use products are imported , therefore cause a lot more than North America, the unemployment rate there is high and the economy is not as healthy . It does not mean there are no opportunity to be have. But you have to do a lot of research before environment, eduaction for your kids when you have them later, social safety.....political safety and so on...
2 :
1$=25piso(philipino money)
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If you are an american, it will be easy for you to live here because the value of your money is P51.00 to a $1.00. The standard of living here in Manila is high so it is better for you to live in the province. You must earn something like P50,000 a monnth to live comfortable here. depends howmany are you in the family. It's hard putting up a business with a limited amount of money. You need something like millions of pesos just to get a Jolibee franchise. I suggest you venture into food business or put up a lending institution.
4 :
it all depends on where you are going to live,my wife lives in,negros oriental,and we could live on p10,000 a week,and that is real comfortable,thats for three of us and including,rent,electric,water,cable,phone,last year we lived in cebu,and it was more expensive,not a great deal,but i recommend living there is a good idea,it really is a wonderful place.
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In Cebu forty to fifty thousand pesos a month should suffice, for just your family unit, but Philippines is very much extended family, and it depends on how much you will help your wife's family. As of close of business Friday 12th May one dollar bought P51.826. Business is a hard one, first you must look around, you don't want a business that you don't enjoy running. Shell velocity = P42.06 litre San Miguel = P43 a litre Large portion French Fries P34
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10,000 pesos a month for simple life here is enough but if you can afford 50,000.pesos a month to live a happy and with all resources here
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Depends on which city you want to live. Manila , the highest cost for your expenses , next would Cebu , then Davao, etc. Starting a business would be easy, but you should check your papers and etc , so that everything would be smooth and running. Opening a business would totally depend to your field of interest, nowadays, internet cafe's , healthcare schools are on the rise
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from where in philippines your future wifey live? it depends in which place you gonna stay. in big cities like Manila well ya gonna spend more bucks. if Cebu not that expenssive. juz average...
9 :
if you make over $1500 a month, you live like kings

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