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Is it easy for a westerner to live in Philippines and open a small business

Is it easy for a westerner to live in Philippines and open a small business ?
Is it easy for a westerner to live in Philippines and open a small business with his filipina girlfriend ?
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opening a business? you might have to go through a lot of red tape, to get your business license. it definitely wont be easy for you.
2 :
Uncertain about the business but it is impossible for you to own the property......unless you are Filipino or at least married to one!
3 :
Probably not easy from a logistics point of view; beaurocracy, red tape, etc. although you could say that about other countries too. but the money you have will definitely go farther than in more developed countries. There's still much to exploit, the market is getting more and more ripe for the picking. They say the government is busy laying down the basics, i.e. infrastructure and better legislation, in order to create a more conducive environment. Now is probably the right time, what with the regional boom, the country is most probably just counting down to lift off.
4 :
Easy to live in the Philippines ? Yes, you can be here on a tourist visa for up to 1 year at a time. Open a business ? Not really unless you trust your girlfriend to handle all the assets and you manage it from a distance. Getting a perminant residency visa is a long process here and too many requirements to list. If you are married the visa process is allot faster and easier. Setting up a corporation ? 60/40 split to the Philippine owned side so you will never have a controlling interest in the business/company. Besides a mountain of red tape. Can it be done ? Sure. Will it be easy ? No way. If it was, you would see allot of foreigners doing it. The only foreigners I know here with sucessful businesses are married to a Philippina and the wifes are the ones running the day to day operations with the foreigner at a distance.
5 :
you can but theres definitely a lot of paper works.
6 :
Yes it is. For westerner - living in the Philippines is a lot simplier compared to other Asian Countries because there is no language barrier, most of Filipinos speak English and our affinity to western/american culture. As to putting up a "small" business it is also easy if this is just a sole proprietorship and it will be name to your Filipina wife/Girlfriend all she need to do is get a Business License in the City/Municipality where it is located and register it in the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It will be entirely different story if it will under your name because it will require some additional papers/documents. You may visit the following site for further info:
7 :
I have known a lot of westerner to live and run a business but 100%of them failed and went back here in the US and now renting apartment as they lost their homes
8 :
As long as you got all the requirements its quite easy to set up a business there. But to maintain and run it successfully is another story you have to make sure you got the right idea for a business not just one where anyone could set up for example a retail outlets are easy to set up but only profitable if you run it between yourself and girlfriend. Long hours, lots of red tape, high risk of loosing everything you got.
9 :'s not me..I've been there.
10 :
It's a lot of paperwork for a foreigner. I would put it all in her name, it would be a lot easier. To live there permanently, you would need to get a multi-entry visa, and in order to get that, you will have to post about $80,000 in the bank, and fill out a lot of paperwork. It is the Philippines official retirement program. Otherwise you would have to enter and leave the Philippines, then enter again every time your visa stamp would expire. Not fun to do it that way.

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