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How could i as an American manage to live in the Philippines

How could i as an American manage to live in the Philippines?
Want to live in the Philippines, I am almost 18, have done some college work. And will be an early graduate in my high school. Once all this is over with i would love to move to the Philippines, my question is. What places could i manage to live at in the Philippines, that would be dirt cheap. I do NOT mind living like really poor, or even in a small Village. And i eat about one to two, three course meals a day. so this does not matter.
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1 :
Why would you want to do this? Is your family from there? Do speak one of the many dialects? If you've never been you might be in for quite a culture shock.
2 :
you should check out tondo. i think it will fit you fine and i can tell you a secret on how to get food for free.
3 :
With a question like yours and given the information you submitted you are not just asking to be taken advantage of you are begging to be taken advantage of. So be careful what you ask for.
4 :
Try Baguio City.. Cheap lifestyles but well, a lot of foreigners come here, so you wouldn't feel alienated. Smooth transition form your country to Philippines. Avoid southern Philippines please. Cheap but not safe for you.
5 :
y chose Philippines? if u really like 2 go there then u have 2 learn the Filipino language
6 :
LOL its funny how everyone is being really negative because an American (female) wants to move to the Philippines and not the other way around. Anyways if you have any Filipino friends you can ask them if you can get their relatives to hook you up with a place to to stay. Or you could try and find work with a non-profit organization and live a more simpler lifestyle out in a more rural type of setting while also doing something incredibly rewarding and noble. Many people do that for a year in between after they finish high school and before they start college. Pretty much any part of the Philippines would suit you, apart from the south which is kinda dangerous.
7 :
Please understand that as a foreigner you are not allowed to work here. Even if you do work the pay is terrible like the min. wage for 12 or more hrs. per day is $7 Most is less. You will need to live in the country (Provinces) as the cities are more expensive to stay in, learn to eat rice & dried salted fish, wash clothes by hand & do a lot of walking. But it is still a wonderful place to live! Please do not go anywhere around Mindanao.
8 :
You will need an employment visa in order to work legally in the Philippines. Without it, you can be arrested for violating the terms of your tourism visa and held in jail until someone back in your home country pays for your deportation airfare. An 18 y/o has no professional education, skills, or work experience, so there is nothing for you to do in the Philippines anyway. Maybe you could get a job on a farm picking bananas off trees at US$0.50 per hour. Does that appeal to you?
9 :
and why the hell would you want to move here??? have you gone bonkers???
10 :
Peace Corps. They need people like you. They will take care of your expenses and you can live there and help out with something, teaching or helping on an irrigation project. You can sign up for a two-year enlistment and earn money for college when you get back. While in the Philippines, you will make a lot of connections, make a lot of friends and develop future contacts for when you get a college degree and come back. Who knows? Maybe you will just end up staying there after your enlistment ends? It's possible. You really should check out the Peace Corps. A lot of people forget about it.

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