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how can i live in philippines? i am married to filipina

how can i live in philippines? i am married to filipina?
i just recently got married to a filipina, she is still in philippines. how can i live there with her permantley? i cant get retirement visa im only 28 years old. what can i do to legaly be allowed to stay there with her? i dont have a job that i can transfer to the philippines and i cant obtain a work permit there because im not a permanent resident so how can i become one if i dont have employment or income there.?
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Apply for Philippine citizenship, maybe?
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yeah do phiilipino citizenship
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You can apply for dual citizenship which allows you to live in the philippines as well as your home country. You will have to still pay tax in the Philippines - i read another member saying this before about tax of 11,000 pesos a year. I would like to see that member writing something here also. Personally, if you are married to your girl - why dont you try bringing her back to your country to live. That way you can still keep your job and work while she maybe goes to an adult college to improve on english or education and then get a job as well. Another option - which is probably the better one - is to bring your girl back home with you on a tourist visa. Lodge a tourist visa for her thru the embassy in pi - so that she can go back as a tourist. In some cases, the tourist visa allows to stay from two weeks up to a year. In the meantime, she is with you in your country and at the same time your processing her permanent visa to stay. Unfortunately while she is in your country on a tourist visa she wont be able to work. But what is important is you two are together diba! Getting a job in pi is hard for a foreigner - i mean there are jobs you can get and you can do such as being an english teacher or even applying for job in Manila in the finance industry / white collar job even in the U.S embassy or another foreign embassy - or something like that. The pay is no where near comparable to what you would be used to - but for pi its acceptable. If you really wanted to live in pi - you would really have to weigh up the costs of moving / relocating - not just in terms of moving but what would it cost in terms of lifestyle. Being with your girl is the most important thing in life - but its something you really have to think about what the best option really is.
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Your Philippine wife would have to apply for an immigrant visa for you under Section 13(A) of the Immigration Act. She will need the assistance of an attorney in the Philippines who practices immigration law..... 13(A) The wife or the husband or the unmarried child under twenty-one years of age of a Philippine citizen, if accompanying or following to join such citizen; Checklist of Requirements for Non-Quota Immigrant by Marriage Under Section 13(a) 1. Duly notarized letter of application by the Filipino spouse; 2. General Application Form duly accomplished and notarized (BI Form No. MCL-07-01); 3. NSO authenticated copy of Birth certificate of Filipino spouse; 4. NSO authenticated copy of the Marriage Contract of alien and Filipino spouse or authenticated by the Philippine embassy/consulate nearest to or in the place where the marriage was solemnized; 5. Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance Certificate; and 6. Plain photocopy of passport of alien spouse showing dates of arrival and authorized stay.
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Yak Rider is 100% correct on the how. What he didn't say is how are you going to live ? Jobs here are scarce for the locals and all but impossible for foreigners. Your so not ready to live here yet. Do what the rest of us did and work stateside, earn a pension, buy some property, build your house then move here after you have a pension or steady income stream from the states. There are no shortcuts, and I rarely see a foreigner who could adapt to living like a Filipino.

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