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Where would you rather live Philippines or USA

Where would you rather live Philippines or USA?
I was just reading a question about living in the Philippines. People who answered were raving about life in the Philippines and how great life is over there and how nice the women are. I was somewhat amazed that most of these answers came from Americans. So I'd like to know, what country is a better place to live in the Philippines or USA? Which place has better people? Which place is more beautiful? Basically where do you feel that you would personally have an overall better quality of life? And please explain your answer. Thanks! **Lets leave money out of the equation because obviously everything is cheaper in the Philippines. Lets just say that if you could live the exact same lifestyle in the Philippines and in the USA, where would you rather live?
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1 :
I haven't been to the USA. But I just LOVE it here in the Philippines. I have cousins who live in other countries and have vacation here for few weeks. They say they really enjoy it here and become reluctant about going home.
2 :
Most of the people here are less pessimistic in the Philippines, laws are more relaxed. You can not leave money out of the equation. Everything is not cheaper here than in the U.S., that is a myth as food is about the same or higher (most places) and so is property and electronics (due to a 110%import charge here). Things are cleaner and nicer in the U.S., but overall, the Philippines is a better place for a white man to live, as most people here treat us like celebrities and yes, if you are interested in beautiful women, a lot of them will practically throw themselves at your feet. I am married to such a lady (5 years now) and life has never been better, I will probably never go back to the U.S. If you want clean, do what I did, buy a large property by the ocean and keep it as clean as you can, put in a proper septic tank and it will look (and smell) a bit like a paradise.
3 :
i would rather live in the philippines..coz everything's good in there except some cities are the weather there is just normal, not too hot, not too cold... i think the reason why most americans tell that they like staying in the philippines is because people there welcomes them warmly ..:)..filipinos are hospitable..some filipinos are even more hospitable to foreigners than to their fellow filipinos.. if ur planning to go to the philippines..i would suggest for you to go there on the month of december..
4 :
The answer will always be subjective and will depend on circumstances that are personal, unique and different for everyone. Also there are so many parts of the Philippines and the USA and life would be totally different for all of these different places, so it is hard to generalize. My take, I was born, grew up and spent much of my life in the Philippines. And I now live in the US. if as you say, leave the money equation out and I could live the exact same lifestyle, which is impossible but let's just suppose that this could happen. I would live in the Philippines. I have much more friends, and much more rich and influential friends especially. Me and my wife still have family there. I speak the language and the tricks of the trade. Putting up and running a business is easier. And I can always go to the US or Australia or somewhere else in the summer or during vacations. Besides, life is just so much more uncomplicated and not rushed there. And of course, I look local so I can go anywhere I want to go there. Plus I can be and I can act like the White guy in Santa Monica anywhere in the Philippines, while I will look like and be treated like Cheech and Chong or worse in the US. LOL
5 :
I made the choice many years ago that I would rather live here in the Philippines. I agree with CCC that you cannot leave money out of the equasion. There is no way I could possibly live the lifestyle my wife and I enjoy here in the Philippines. I disagree that food here costs the same. The only way I could spend $800 a month on food for 3 adults if if I was eating american food exclusively, which I choose not to. I do agree that the price for electronics are the same, but not property. $60,000 bought me a double wide moble home that was aprox 80 sqmtrs. That same money P3 M bought me a 300 sqmtr lot in a nice subdivision with a 209 sqmtr real house. Money aside now which was at least 50% of my reason for moving here here are the rest of my reasons. The people are friendlier and yes CCC sometimes they treat us like celebrities. :) Most people here are catholic and have old fashond values and evan morals. Family matters here. There is no comparision to living on the crowded coast of New Jersey durring summertime being overrun by tourists and the prices for everything being jacked up so skyhigh the locals can't enjoy where they live to a tropical climate with many beautiful beaches and cheap beach resorts. I actually feel safer living here and also enjoy the fact that laws here are very loose instead of strangling stateside. I love the don't worry be happy attitude here :). It's great not to be a slave to a clock anymore. Actually living here and comming for a vacation are two way differant things. I think you will find that at least 50% of the people that actually move here to retire go back to the states in less than 2 years and another 30% will go back after 3-5 years because they can't adjust. That only leaves 20% of us expats actually staying. Too bad for them.
6 :
USA of course, that would be every Filipino's answer
7 :
i've lived here (USA) half of my life. everyone is here. there's no one to go back home to except some distant relatives. i enjoy making the balikbayan trips but for now i'm staying right here. i'm not even considering retiring there. it's not because i don't feel any loyalty to my homeland; it's just too impractical to uproot now and go back and start all over again. it's as simple as that.
8 :
I would never replace the opportunity given to me to be able to see Philippines from America. When I came here I had a better view or a much wider perspective of my country. I loved my country more, I knew more about it. I'm not sure yet because when I go to the Philippines, I miss America, but when I go here I start to be so homesick. So basically I would want the power to fly to either countries whenever I desire...but due to my age and lack of airplane money it isn't possible yet. Here in America it's really sad for me as a FOB Filipino, my relatives are in the PI and I miss speaking Tagalog whenever I want. The neighborhood sidewalks are deserted of people, they're all just inside playing videogames or whatnot. But in the PI there are people everywhere who smile at you, give you a great day. Of course...there's not other place as sweet as home to a real and true Filipino (sa isip sa puso at sa gawa yun ah) ^^ Ay naalala ko pala si Sandara Park, nung pinanood kung yung video nya na galing sa Korea sabi nya "Yaayy I'm home"(or something like that). It's seems weird and at the same time gives you a lot of pride in your country. ahahaha
9 :
I'm sorry but I have to disagree with ccc and some others...I have lived here for 7 years, I am an American...and from my own experience and what I have seen and heard others say, this is what I have come up with... EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH THE BANKER: Now if you are lucky enough to have a good source of income and can afford to hire people to work for you, buy a nice house, have a nice car, help family or friends with money, then you are the greatest thing since Peanut Butter Spread... For a fact I know of an American that when he came here had $150,000 from his first wifes death insurance in the savings, and his income from several permanent pensions and retirement was over $3,000. He was treated like a king, he built him and wife a nice 2 million peso house, bought a new Ford Ranger and a lot of other things, employed family and all that. After several years all his money is gone His nice new house is now rundown and family living there and he rents a little apartment in the city...he now has 3 children, borrowed money from the bank to buy land for a subdivision,(never happened) NO MONEY IN THE BANK and $3,000 a month is not enough and he is treated like manure now. I am a Christian Minister Used to be in Law Enforcement in the States, I draw less than $1,000 disability to live on help support mama and papa (not too much) what I can do...and ran into the same problem when Filipino Pastors wanted me to bring food, clothes and supplies for their people when I would visit to preach or sing...when I started explaining I live and minister off of my disability and receive no support from any where else so I can not help support them...I also was marked as garbage to leave out... Now I minister on the internet and Youtube if anyone is enterested by the way just go to youtube and under search type in RoyandCathy If I could live the same in the States as I can here...and take my wife with me(I cannot because I don't make enough to be able to support her) I would be back in the States in a Heart beat...I Love the beauty of the Islands, but I am tired of being a loner because my name is not "BANK OF DEORO" AKO SI ROY, DILI KO BANKO! (I have feelings too)
10 :
Philippines There's no other place I would rather be. You will always be a stranger in a foreign county.
11 :
in the states, u can go to beautiful places for free and enjoy quality time w/ whoever u like. in the phils, u need to have money to go to resorts and all that crap. u can eat the same food as what the rich does cuz they don't pay crap salaries unlike in the phils. say in the phils, if u're a garbage collector, u're regarded as garbage as well. most people are atheists and they'd think u're weird for having faith in someone u've never met.
12 :
hands down philippines man, nothing's better leaving where you really from, hopefully our new president make a big change in our government so we can gain back the trust of all investors, and i wanna be one of those investors too someday, living in USA right now is everyday battle on discrimination, workplace abuse specially those filipino who just came here in states and also dealing with other filipino who will betray his fellow filipino just to gain popularity in workplace.

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