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I live in philippines, where do I go to get Visa's

I live in philippines, where do I go to get Visa's?
In november, I'm going on a 24day cruise to singapore, vietnam, thailand,Japan, South Korea, and China. I live in philippines, twhere do I go to get Visa's? Can I do it online? And where can I find more information?
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All you need is a passport. In Asian countries all Asians are automatically entitiled to 21 days tourist visa. Before the 21 days expires in one country, you must get a visa to the country you travel to. Your 24 days in Asian countries won't require you a visa since that's 24days in 6 countries. You probably stay in one country for only 4 days..
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GO TO YOUR local embassy, government office, or foreign office. if thy are not within reach, then write, phone, or fax who you are after, all-so the local library will help you, and yes you can go on line for help, best of luck
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if you are a philippine passport holder, no visa required in singapore, vietnam & thailand for less than 15days. For Japan, Korea & China, you need to apply for a visa. Philippine passport holder cannot apply visa online. For visa application & assistance, you can contact JLT Travel & Tours at +632 3631139 +632 4257743 or email at
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Go to a bank and ask for a visa. you can even ask for a master card, a JBC card, ang a diners card hehehe. Seriously. You need to have a passport and just let the travel agency worry about the visa application. that is why they are there.
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You need visas for Japan, South Korea and China. Here, the information. I think you can download some forms, but you have to let your travel agent help you file. There is personal appearance for Japan.

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