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I live in philippines and i need to know where i can find the cheapest airfare from manila to sao paolo brazil

I live in philippines and i need to know where i can find the cheapest airfare from manila to sao paolo brazil
Need to know how much is the cheapest airfare from manila to brasil.
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Check with http://www.expedia.com
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Try to contact northwest airlines 632-8418800 last time i went there almost a year ago, the ticket roundtrip MNL-GRU cost around $2,600USD; but try to look on local travel agencies, which sometimes have protection from the airlines and have great package deals. Brazil is great! if you know what i mean...
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When you're looking for the airfare, consider this ... National PHILIPPINES (PH) / Transit U.S.A. (US) Destination BRAZIL (BR) U.S.A. (US) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION (CBP) TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED BOTH THE US TRANSIT WITHOUT VISA (TWOV) AND INTERNATIONAL-TO-INTERNATIONAL (ITI) PROGRAMS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Those intending to transit the U.S.A. must comply with entry requirements. Please make entries applicable to destination U.S.A. All passengers arriving from any country, except those pre-inspected in Canada, must deplane the aircraft and proceed directly to either the Federal Inspection Services (FIS) area for inspection, or to an CBP-approved (Customs and Border Protection) in-transit/progressive clearance lounge. Those passengers going to the in-transit/progressive clearance lounge will go through a CBP inspection. Until further notice, all in-transit passengers and passengers on progressive flights will be inspected at the first U.S. port of arrival. This supersedes previous in-transit passenger processes. These new procedures also require CBP inspection of progressive flights (flights clearing passengers at more than one port) at the first port. Non-compliance with transit requirements will result in fines varying between USD 2,000 and USD 3,000 per passenger at transit point (detention costs at carrier's expense). Fines for incomplete/inaccurately filled out I-94W Forms are USD 1,000.- per passenger.
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I look up on the internet ," The cheapest flights " You may find something like China Airlines .
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email flights_r_us@yahoo.com they may be able to help you out

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