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Is $400 dollars enough to live in Philippines till january or february

Is $400 dollars enough to live in Philippines till january or february?
I don't have to pay any bills or anything. Just the usual needs, food and etc, is it enough? Ok I'm 19 years old and I'm gonna stay at a friends house so probably I won't need to buy food all the time plus the transportation is free. So I guess I would just use the money for my personal needs....or likes. I will just go there to live a normal life, It's not like a vacation where I'll go out everyday to see the most amazing and expensive places of Philippines. Actually I'm just going there to visit a friend. So honestly I think $400 would be enough since I'll just use it to buy some stuff I like or to go clubbing sometimes, nothing else. I was just asking if its enough cause people tell me that american money there is a lot and things are cheap there. i'm not taking advantage of my friend's family. actually it's my boyfriend and he told me not to worry about anything about the money cause he will help me with everything but i told him that i dont wanna go there without not even a cent so at least for now that's the most money i can get. =[
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1 :
oh no. i don't think it will suffice until february. especially now. the prices run high (even food of course)... and then there's christmas, remember? but if you know how to budget your money very well, i guess it's gonna be okay.
2 :
i really doubt it... transportation. food. all that stuff costs money. i think to be safe you should take 1000 ...then you have some extra money just to fall back on in an emergency.. but i dont think 400 is enugh ..sorry
3 :
I dont think so dear. That would put you at just under $5 a day. Sorry
4 :
january OR february? is it for one month only? it will depend on the activities or things you plan to do in the philippines. if you'll be eating out in a fancy restau for all your breakfasts, lunches and dinners, then it will not be enough. And if you go out in a bar every night to party, 18k pesos will not suffice. And if you plan to shop every weekend, then your 400 usd will be gone in just a week. but if you do your own grocery, cook your own food, have dinner in some restau once in a while, shop sometime, it could be enough. it really depends on how you budget it.
5 :
You really should have mentioned your age and what you plan on doing till february. This really will influence the answer. Let's see... 400 dollars is with today's exchange rate around 18 thousand pesos. That's a lot of dough, but still not close to what I would consider enough, even if you lay low till january. Let's say you start spending that money from November to February... that's approximately 120 days. You'll have 150 pesos (!) to spend a day. That's the average daily allowance of the ordinary college student in Manila (I guess), which means this amount will not allow for much luxury. What will 150 pesos buy nowadays... 150 pesos -1 guaranteed seats movie ticket 150 pesos -1 large burger meal + 1 small burger meal 150 pesos - a short taxi ride 150 pesos - 1 bottle of beer at a classy bar 150 pesos - 6 bottles of beer from your local convenience store
6 :
if ur sharing ur needs with some1.. i think uts ok.. but if ur all by urself.. its better to bring extra just in case... u might just can't resist the bargains and sale discounts...
7 :
$400 is not enough for 4 months expenses. You did not specify if you're staying in a hotel. If you have a place to stay for free thats good. For your usual needs maybe 20 dollars a day but this is very limited budget. An occasional visit to a fast food restuarant will cost much the same as it does here. Transportation costs vary greatly, depending on whether you're visiting a large city like Manila or Cebu or just a small burg out in the "boonies" or barangays as they're called there. You should be more specific about the area you will be visiting and the support available to you from the "locals".
8 :
It's gonna be close but I think you can do it. Every day just bring a set amount and stay away from the malls.
9 :
Not if you're the type of person who loves to hang out with your friends and do a lot of stuff like shopping, clubbing, going to the movies and such. You still need money for food and of course you are going to buy clothes I'm pretty sure. You'll probably do ok with your money for about two weeks or so, maybe less than that. Unless you let your friends pay for everything, then I think you're going to be ok.
10 :
depends on what you want to do ?
11 :
knowing (I assume) how hard it is for the Filipino people to make a living and even feed themselves, you are still willing to come with only $400. and expect to eat the food of your friends family? That seems a little cold or "unknowing" to me.
12 :
its not enough for sure..400$ = to 18000p if the exchange rate is 1$= 45p..wat if it will go up and it will be just 1$= its not more before coming here in the philippines..
13 :
Unless if you want to commit suicide

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