Thursday, May 21, 2009

Possible to move back to home country Philippines if I currently live in Australia

Possible to move back to home country Philippines if I currently live in Australia?
I really need some information about this. I wish to return to my home country (Philippines) and live there permanently, right now I live in Western Australia and under an Australian Citizenship. Is this possible?
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Make sure you have your Philippines passport first, and go.
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Obtain your Australian citizenship first--make sure you have both passports and your good to go. Make sure that you continue to renew both passports when the time comes.
3 :
No problem. There is a law providing for the resumption of your Philippine citizenship. Details at the link to the Philippine embassy here:
4 :
Yes, you can return under the Balikbayan privilege. But you can't work here under that privilege. For that you need a resident visa To avail of the Balikbayan, you do need to prove that you are Filipino. You're passport or birth certificate from the Philippines will do. Where you born in Australia? There are a lot of different ways but I don't know you situation. If you're a minor and your mother wants to return too she can so under Section 13D as a permanent resident. If you want to work here you're going to need that a permanent resident you lost your citizenship or never had it. If all else fails you can return as a tourist and stay for 16 months. It does seem the Philippines wants to aid Filipino to return home, so I'd say chances are good there is a way for you to do it. Bureau of Immigration has contact information on their website and they actually do answer the emails they get. Be sure to give them you're full details so they can answer you.

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