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is iloilo philippines a safe place to live for americans

is iloilo philippines a safe place to live for americans ?
i may have option of living in philippines with my 12 year old soon..
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well City Mayor Jerry Treñas said Iloilo City is still a safe place to live and to visit. The recent murder incident in one of the city’s hotels is only an “isolated case.” It does not mean the city is not safe for the local and foreign tourists, he said.
2 :
yes it is safe but not like manila where u can go diff places ...
3 :
Yes. Most of the Visayas is safe for foreigner.
4 :
Yes. Most of the problems in the Philippines are in southwest Mindanao where the Muslims live. I would feel safer in Iloilo that almost anywhere else in the world.
5 :
I have lived in Iloilo City since 2002 with my wife(native to Iloilo). I am a 6'2" white american and have had zero problems here or on the neighbouring islands of Guimeras or Negros. Feel free to drop me an e mail if I can help ans any ?'s about living here from another Americans POV.
6 :
Yes, there are lots of Americans in Iloilo, Philippines.
7 :
yup!... i study in Iloilo but i'm originally from another place and i absolutely love it there!... the people are very nice, soft-spoken and polite... the food is fantastic (you should try batchoy!)... the environment could be considered better compared to the other key cities of the philippines... it's also not as fast-paced compared to other cities... good luck to you!.. .=)
8 :
I lived there and did what ever from 94 to 96! I lived at Fong Apts. Jaro Liko Go see?

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