Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my boyfriend wants to buy a dvd player for me and he lives in usa and i live in philippines would dvd player

my boyfriend wants to buy a dvd player for me and he lives in usa and i live in philippines would dvd player?
work here in philippines?
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If the outlet's for the dvd player are the same in your house then yes it should work now the questions are if the dvd's are to work now that is a mystery depends on the dvd's most of them should work but i really wouldn't know. Hope it helps
2 :
Yes, it will work. Your biggest problem should be the adapters to make the connections; they are available in most electronics shops. This is really more of a nuisance than a problem. The next problem is the "Set Up." TVs and DVD players have various setting for format. It may be that the format your TV is set up for will not automatically allow the DVD format to play. You will have to adjust either the TV or the DVD player to the same format. Often the instructions are not to clear but you can get it set up. In the worst case you will have to change the set ups each time you switch from TV to Player formats each time you change the mode you are using. This will involve four or five clicks on the remote, no big deal. Unless there is a huge savings in buying the device abroad you are better off buying the player locally, the seller will know how to set the formats, and maybe recognize the guarentee the player has when you buy it.
3 :
It depends. Some DVD players are "regional", meaning that they will only play DVDs for the region (USA, Asia, Europe, Australia, etc) where you bought it. If your DVDs are not coded for your region, then they may play on a "regional" DVD player. Some players are region free, and will play any DVD, as long as its the same (PAL or NTSC) format for your TV. Philippines and the USA are both NTSC standards. The other problem may be power, but a transformer or a quick check of the unit will show if it is muti-voltage. My advice is buy the DVD player in the Philippines. How would he get it to you? Send it or bring it? Sending it would cost alot plus you may get charged Customs. He must be a nice guy to want to buy you this gift.

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