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What can you say about Americans and other foreigners who retire and live in Philippines

What can you say about Americans and other foreigners who retire and live in Philippines?
What kind of business could an American and Filipina wife have in Philippines and be successful? Would you buy something from there?
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Most engage in shops selling military equipment, because they tend to live in either Angeles or Olongapo, the cities in Asia (and in the Philippines) with the largest American bases (prior to their removal on 1992). Both of these cities have very large concentrations of Amerasians (people of mixed Asian and American parentage). Others do hardware store or computer shops. *Any thing which is advertised as being owned by an American is widely patronized in the Philippines. Filipinos were educated during the American colonization that everything American is good. Those in the Upper Classes of society (those marrying Filipino women of Spanish or Chinese descent) usually are rich and engage in multinational industries and businesses.
2 :
i think they are smart. their pensions would get them no where if they are in america, with the rising cost of pretty much everything, including health care, you wont survive w/o a good retirement savings.. their pension will go a long way if they are in the philippines, plus they can afford to hire help if needed. not unlike in the US where most retirees live by themselves. as to what kind of business, i have no clue. but im sure ppl will buy stuff there.
3 :
I live in the Sta. Rosa, Laguna - Tagaytay area. And I always wonder why there are a lot of foreigners in the area. (...with some exception to the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese that are everywhere in the Philippines.=P) I found out that most of them actually buy or rent houses here and they would turn it into retirement homes. This girl that I met at Starbuck's said that she and her British husband bought a place and made it as a retirement home and they said their business is doing well. Foreigners would want to stay here and just feel the breeze and enjoy the scene of Tagaytay. They hire maids here instead of caregivers, and more maids to clean up the place, cook, and a driver. That's it. She said they are charging around 25-35k PHP per retiree. Probably this is one thing you can look in to. Hope this helps.
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Me and my husband (American) established an interney cafe last March, it produced 3 more shops eventually. To date, we have 4 internet cafe with average of 10 computer each shop. We integrated services like load credit selling and we also have pay phones and VOip service using the internet to call customer's family abroad.It is pretty successful because we go to areas where there is no competition. We basically follow what Wal-Mart did in the U.S, they concentrated in remote areas. My husband will retire here and I think it's a good decision because life is easier here...well despite of some isolated circumstances...
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a beach resort,,,
6 :
a loud kareoke is the only way to go

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