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What do I need to do to live in Philippines for good

What do I need to do to live in Philippines for good?
I am a U.S. citizen and I want to live in Philippines for good. I know that you can stay there for 6 months for a vacation but If I want to stay there for good what do I need to do you make it happen?
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you want to go to the Philippines why I was born there oops I went out of subject sorry
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If you are thinking of retiring in the Philippines, click on the link below for answers to frequently asked questions You can also apply for a special investor visa. Click on the link below for information Have a nice day !
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There are several sites that you can visit when you search google. Of course you can check the government sites which may have been mentioned here already. I would like to add this website: authored by an American expatriate who had lived in Davao for 6 or maybe 8 years. I enjoy following his blog and he has extensive links you can compare to the information you will get from other sites. What I like about his blog, you can interact and have your question possibly answered by people who may have similar experiences. Recently, he has the site too. Maybe you can visit the Philippines first and see how you like it. It seems that mindanaoBob has a group of expatriate friends in Davao and you might be able to get some insights from them.
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There are many Americans in The Philippines permanently. I recommend tourist visa at first. After your there a while then you can get permanent residence status (if you still want that) if you meet certain criteria. As a tourist, you can renew your visa every 2 months and stay up to a year without having to leave and come back. Start by getting a multiple entry visa from the Philippine Embassy in USA for $90. There are many self-proclaimed experts on this forum so check the Philippines Embassy Washington DC website. They have all the forms and visa requirements.
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The best way to live in the Philippines for the rest of your life is to marry a Filipino citizen and it will be easier on your part to leave and return without any hassles.
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I am not a self proclaimed expert, but I do have close ties with the Philippines for some 28 years, since 1980. See I suggest you get involved with a few Yahoo support newsgroup forums. See links below. Also if you would like to communicate with me off list, you may find my e-mail address on my web site. I have helped many.

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