Tuesday, July 21, 2009

would it be easy for someone to live in philippines if the person only speaks english

would it be easy for someone to live in philippines if the person only speaks english?
and the person is also willing to learn the philipino language?
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1 :
Yes. Almost everybody understand and speaks English. Only in very remote area will you be getting problems. The mode of teaching in the Philippines is English.
2 :
Yes, some Filipino families only speak English or at least 75% of the time but they mostly reside in the cities.. It's really easy.. Financial resources is more of a concern rather than the language barrier since its virtually non-existent because almost all Filipinos can understand and speak English.. It might be broke English, but most can be enough to get understood..
3 :
Your language should not be so much of a problem . Other things may or may not be .
4 :
It's not a big problem if you're thinking about communicating with the people here, everybody understands English, even a Grade schooler.
5 :
its an ADVANTAGE most specially if youre applying for a job.by allmeans its an advantage believe me. english is the 2nd mother tounge of filipinos
6 :
YES, English-only speakers would have no difficulty at all living in the Philippines. Most Filipinos speak and understand basic English. The local language is easy to learn too. In no time at all, you'd be bargaining at our markets in the vernacular.
7 :
oh yes... almost everyone speaks and understands English in the Philippines, especially in urban areas... you'll only have hard time communicating when you go in remote ares....
8 :
yes. almost everyone knows how to speak english and will find it very easy to live there.
9 :
Yes because even if others around him/her may not be fluent in english they will most probably understand what he/she is saying.
10 :
Yes it can.Sometimes they are willing to learn the filipino languages but sometimes they don't.!
11 :
Yes and yes. You can even say Baka Madapa Ka as a word of endearment.
12 :
The language is the least of your problems mate. Infact most of the people there understand English to a good degree and your trouble would be how you adjust to the culture,climate,food,lifestyle and the country as a whole. You can't live there if you don't have money and finding work is bloody hard too. So all I can say is no it wouldn't be easy if you factor everything else in.It takes years to get a decent grasp of the language.
13 :
Oh yes! that's why a lot of foreigners choose to live here in the Philippines because they do not find it hard to communicate with the people. Plus, the cost of living is cheap and Filipinos in general are very friendly and hospitable :)
14 :
yes. a lot of filipinos know how to speak english. but it would really help you if you have someone who can speak tagalog with you, because that way you can communicate better...
15 :
Yes, more than 90% can understand English even in rural and remote areas. Some may speak little English but they would still understand you and would still communicate with you even in broken English. English is being used as a medium of instruction in all Philippine schools (from pre-school to universities) except for Filipino and sometimes History subjects so even pre-schoolers would be able to communicate in English.

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