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I am a US citizen and I want to work and live in the Philippines. What do I need to do

I am a US citizen and I want to work and live in the Philippines. What do I need to do?
I am a filipino born in the US. I visited the Philippines a year ago and loved it. So I want to live and work there. Not sure if it will be permanent. Another reason why I want to work there is because of the beautiful filipina ladies.
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you must contact the consulate in the Philippines. the majority of countries only allow you a maximum of 6 months if you plan to stay there longer you should contact them or you may also try to get the information at this website can be helpful too. good luck
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I am pretty positive that you can apply for dual citizenship (with Philippine passport) or a balikbayan status which allows you to stay in the country for a year hassle-free because of your Filipino parentage. My brother in law has that (he's white) for the simple association of being married to a Filipina. Meanwhile if you want to work you could either: a. look for an Expatriate job there which would assign you here b. push for recognition as a dual citizen or c. just go here and look for possible employment as an Alien Good luck man, its really a blast living here, i dont blame you. :) *** to Well, i didnt say it was automatic, i said i was pretty positive that he could apply for it because of his parentage.
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sugarhigh, are you sure about the 1 yr balikbayan status for foreign-borns with filipino parents? it makes sense if you had filipino citizenship then got naturalized, but having been born in the us and having never had filipino citizenship could legally be an inadmissable reason for acquiring balikbayan status.

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