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What is the best place to live in the Philippines

What is the best place to live in the Philippines?
I am retired and looking for a safe, peaceful, near the beach and the large city, where the temperature not to hot and humid and where the Can. $ can get the most in pesos.
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1 :
Cebu / Palawan / Subic
2 :
The words "safe and peaceful" never go hand in hand with the term "large city". Also, the same goes for the adjectives "not hot and humid" and "Philippines". You can get the most from your Canadian dollar in any of the countless squatter colonies that are so popular in the country.
3 :
North Philippines town of san mateo, Isabela (place not visited by calamities CNN news) Savor life as lone millionaire, seeing highest tower in Asia digitel, largest dam in asia , with boating below water, Water world i so big. We have Santiago City. but you can go Manila or Baguio in just an hour by plane. House construction very cheap. also lots. In island Divilican you can buy $200 one hectare of land.
4 :
I would say that is Manila. * Manila is just an hour away from the cool climes of Tagaytay - where it can be freezing at some nights. * Manila is just an hour away from the magnificent beaches of Cebu, Boracay, and Palawan. * Manila can be cool too - that is, if you escape to the bayfront areas during the morning, to the huge malls during afternoon, and to the bars and nightclubs of Makati during the midnight up to the wee hours of the day. * Manila can be amazingly cheap if you know where to go and what to buy. * Yes, Manila is shunned by most tourists - I don't know why - but I guess my city (MLA) is still more ultramodern than Seoul, has larger numbers of cool and hip bars than Los Angeles, has lots of malls than Hong Kong, and has the most wondrous collection of churches as Rome. For me, it's a nice place to stay - how about you?
5 :
Malapascua Island
6 :
Davao City. Clean and safe. Not that crowded so not that expensive. See for yourself.
7 :
Cebu but you will just have to deal with the heat here in the tropics. That's why they sell so many AC;s.
8 :
try Subic Bay in the Philippines.The bay is protected on 3 sides by mountain ranges and generally a nice breeze from the water. Gets less wind ans rain than anywhere in the country during the rainy season. first the government has a special retirement visa that cuts red tape and gives import tax breaks and other special benefits. Subic Bay was once the home of a large US navy base and many navy have retired here, as well as many other nationalities. I been here 6 years and live a simple but comfortable life on around USD 1,000 a month. a nice one bedroom apartment about 50 meters from the beach at USD 120.00, cable and internet $35,electric about $20, a housekeeper 3 times a week including laundry at $40 a month. ( you can also get a live in for that plus room and board), great scuba diving. a very friendly and safe place to live. visit a few times and see your self. Subic bay has its own airport and DMIA the new international airport only 40 minutes away. Olongapo is the city here at Subic Bay which is a middle size city plus the Subic Bay Freeport has much to offer, Angeles city has better shopping and is only 45 minutes away by expressway. Manila a 2 hour drive.
9 :
Any spot on the beach is better with cool breezes. However, you will face endless squabbles with neighbors seeking money from you for; lights too bright, fence in wrong place, your car is too new, you don't hire enough locals, my dog died and he wasn't dead before you came so it must be your fault. Such things as that. There's almost a hundred million people here. Each on of them is going to have a shot at you. If you leave for a week you'll return to find nipa huts all over your yard each having a tap on your electric line and all singing karaoke with their 900 cousins. But, they're really friendly people with a rich culture. When in Rome...........
10 :
Iloilo City or Bacolod in the Visayas. They both have all the ammenties of a big city without the high cost of Manila or Cebu. The people are friendly and english speaking and there is no heavy industry here. Plenty of nice resturants and beach resorts to choose from.
11 :
It depends a lot on you...your job, and your income levels. Foreigners from the western nations like Angeles (especially retired US Military), Subic, Cebu, Manila, Baguio, etc. A lot of Asians and muslims head down toward Davao. As for temp, PI is hot in Luzon, so the number one place to live for temp in Luzon is Baguio which is where the American Summer Capital was built. $ go the least in Manila. To me the most peacful was Cebu but that's debatable. A lot of Americans come here for college and not many colleges here accept foreigners, so if that's the case your options are limited to Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao.
12 :
Ceb, deffinitley. One of the best places to live. It use to be the main capital of the Philippines, during the Spanish reign. It has alot of Spanish archetics and influences in Cebu, such as festivals, parades, food, languages (Bisaya has alot of Spanish words), archeticts, even education lol, and many others. Cebu has one of the best beaches in the world :) Cebu is called, Queen City of the South. Because it is Queen :) haha but really, Cebu is one of the best. Friendly people, one of the busiest cities in the Philippines, and it's one of the largest and most growing palces in the Philippines, both economy wise and tourists and population (people moving in) wise.
13 :
Iloilo City....
14 :
Some retired people are enjoying their stay in Tagaytay City. They were helped by the association of retired people who are incharge of giving services in bringing the best place for retirement.
15 :
Loaog City My opinion thats my hometown i miss it soo much =(
16 :
you can buy a villa in our resort we sell units. its near the beach, we also have a swimming pool and surely it is a peaceful place to stay. its here in boracay,aklan, philippines
17 :
almost all the places here in Philippines is a good place to live... you can check some those places in the website of manila tourist directory
18 :
Hi Tony, you have basically the same question to the one I answered yesterday. You might consider the city of Cebu in the Philippines as a great place for enjoying your well-deserved retirement. Compared to other places in Asia, cost of living in Cebu is low. It's peaceful and pretty much comfortable to live in with modern facilities & varied dining, entertainment, shopping venues, not to mention pristine beaches and warm & very friendly English-speaking population. It's a growing metropolis too but not crowded. As for living in Cebu, mid to high rise condominium's are ideal for foreigners to live in as these are open for foreigners to buy or for investment purposes, like renting it to others. There's plenty of things to do here so chances are you will not get bored and will actually like the place and enjoy your retirement more.

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