Sunday, November 7, 2010

How much money do I need if I want to live in Philippines

How much money do I need if I want to live in Philippines?
please serious answers only
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1 :
10,000 dollars to have a decent domicile and start a business.
2 :
hmm....500 dollars a month is ok
3 :
$10 for a down payment on a grass hut.
4 :
Cool you want to live in the Philippines? Anyway, you don't need a lot of money since the cost of living allowance here is 500 pesos per day for a family of 2 children, a husband and a wife. or about 10 bucks.Or at least 3,660bucks a year. Anyway, if you need more help, just email me @
5 :
If its for retirement (65 older) around 5 million pesos or 100,000 USD rent out a place near a beach (8000 PHP a month) and have a great life by the beach and live on 3.4% interest in the bank for day to day expenses. Unless you would be high maintenance. Then just get bring more money.
6 :
Good question as I've always wanted to move there my self!@ and I will if these illegal invaders are not dealt with

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