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What will be the total cost to live in the Philippines for 4 months if I am on a tight budget

What will be the total cost to live in the Philippines for 4 months if I am on a tight budget?
What would my budget look like? How much would I be spending and how come I reduce costs? Which areas would be a great place to stya for less?
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That will totally depend on WHERE you will stay. Manilla will be most expensive of course. But going outside, you can find a big house for $100-200. Food is cheap. Please you have to be more specific as in which place you would like to visit, for us to answer it
2 :
One Day (PhP 196-276): 1. MRT or LRT Transportation with Jeepneys (PhP 50-80) 2. Lunch or Dinner (PhP 50-80 each) 3. Breakfast (PhP 30-50 each) 4. Apartment Unit rent (PhP 2000 = PhP 66 per day) ::: You will need to pay PhP 7886-PhP 8280 (or roughly $ 200) for one month, and this is already on a tight budget for a foreigner.
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First is you should find a cheap, decent apartment to stay cause its more cheaper than staying at the hotel. Then transportation, if your familiar with the place you can just walk or just ride a Jeep cause its the cheaper than taxi. Next is the place where you stay, when your planning in manila area its gonna be expensive compare to outside manila. No worry about food cause its cheap. I would say 200$ per month but you can make it like 150$ per month if you can good deal in the place.
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Want free? Join the US Peacecorps and be assigned in RP.
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All of that is out of the window if there is a woman involved mate. I'm sure you will agree with me. You can have a full proof budget plan and the works but when a woman comes into the picture be it a serious thing or a loose moment of fun, your hard earned dollars just fly out of your wallet and the funny part is that you won't regret it lol. They are good at making you spend money on them but hey its all part of the fun right. As long as its managable then all is happy days. Bigger cities would cost you more generally but are a good place to stay as they have all the comforts a foreigner would need,malls to go shopping,nightlife for the spirited ones and plenty of things to do. The provinces are dirt cheap but are boring as hell and if your not carefull you can get into abit of a bind. All of this is variable considering what kinda agenda you have there ofcourse but on the level if you come up with your budget mate add atleast 20 odd percent on top per month for the reasons stated in the first few sentences. Don't believe me then I'm sure you'll find out if you haven't been there yet. If you have then mate I'm sure you are laughing with me lol. Have a good one!
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heres what i did. i told my filipina girilfriend "I have $XXX. we can have a blast and spend all the money in a couple of months or be careful with it and i can stay longer. its up to you." I've been here for over a year now. :)
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Rent and utilities are lower than they are in the States, but if you expect to eat real food and fill your stomach up once in a while, expect to pay out the nose. Food and most other items are very expensive here, so if you want to eat decent American food and live somewhat comfortably with no running around or going out, expect to pay a bare minimum of $700 per month.

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