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Is it possible for a Muslim man to marry a filipina Catholic and live in the philippines

Is it possible for a Muslim man to marry a filipina Catholic and live in the philippines?
I'm a muslim and i am in a relationship with a filipina women..i will be going over to see her early next year..would you think there would be problems for me as a muslim to settle im the philippines with my future wife...and where do you think would be the best place to settle in the philippines?.. Davao was the city that i had in mind......( i am a pakistani born and raised in the u.k)
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it might be a problem for her family..the controversy is what type of wedding would you do? how will you raise your family and children...if you can come up with a compromise, then everything should work out as long as you stick to your commitment and promise.
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yes, it is possible. the catholic church allows mix marriages as long as the the one catholic remains catholic and children born are raised catholics. for civil marriages, you can marry as long as you do not have a legal impediment to do so. (e.g. no valid prior marriage).
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I think it's possible but both of you have to iron out the details. It doesn't seem easy but both of you have to find a way to make the relationship work out regardless of where you both are.
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yes it is possible. i think there won't be any problems regarding your religious beliefs. you just have to compromise. davao is a nice choice. good luck!
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i don't see any problem except maybe for "eating out". although a minority, we do have muslims integrated in most areas. Davao also has its share of a few Muslims. despite having 'muslim rebels' on the headlines, in my case i have yet to see a Christian strongly discriminate a Muslim. most people respect the person for what he deserves regardless of his belief. add: i did have several Muslim classmates in college and none of them were treated differently by anyone just because they have a different religious belief.
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Yes, it is possible. I think under Islam law, it is allowed: It is permissible for a Muslim man to marry a Christian/Jewish woman strictly under these two conditions: 1.She is a true Christian/Jew รข€“ not by name and/or ancestral background. 2.She did not renegade from Islam and become a Christian/Jew. In the Philippines, if the following requisites are followed, there should be no problem whatsoever: For applicants 25 years of age and above 1. Proof of age (birth cert., baptismal cert., voter's affidavit) 2. Family planning and Responsible Parenthood Seminar If the applicant is a FOREIGNER, Legal Capacity to contract marriage from their embassy in the Philippines is required. If the applicant is a WIDOW/WIDOWER, the death certificate of the deceased spouse is required. The Catholic Church however does not marry a Catholic with a non-Catholic unless the non-Catholic will be baptized and confirmed before the church marriage. Your other option will be a Civil Wedding. Anywhere in the Philippines would be a good place to settle. And there shouldn't be any problem with you being a Muslim. Welcome to the Philippines and good luck!
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as alm alykm w rhmtallah! Alhmdallah! of course, You can marry a christian filipina woman here, and you can conduct it in the islamic tradition, no marriage certificates needed,but being a foreigner, i think you can inquire more with various muslim religious organizations here, the woman is also required to have an affidavit that she is not married.Be sure too the officiating imam to marry you is registered with the local government. but it would be best that you marry a believing woman. About the church wedding, as fas as i know it, both of you should be of the same religion. But in civil wedding, you can be married just like in in muslim rites. if you wish to settle here, insha allah, how about those where you have many friends and where there is a mosque nearby located. But if you are super rich, stay away in critical areas.

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