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how much dose it cost to live in philippines

how much dose it cost to live in philippines?
house renting,food,power,internet broadband, transport.
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1 :
one thousand united states dollars a month then you will live comfortabl. the minimum wage in metro manila will come to only 182 united states dollars a month.
2 :
House - Depends on where suburbs around P6000 or $120. A little bit more for a small space in cityland. We were charging P8000 for a 22 sq m bare room in Makati. $160. That was five years ago. May have upped a little. Food: Jollibee more or less P100 for champ value meal, or $2. McDonalds about the same for Big Mac or Quarter Pounder. Power: EXPENSIVE! Not sure about rate, but its one of the complaints. Our moderately furnished home is billed P4000 a month ($80). My friends with bigger households usually billed twice that. Internet broadband: PLDT I think charges under P1000 for 512 kbps. ($20) but I've heard complaints. Globe about same price for 382 kbps, but generally better feedback. Transport. Gasoline is now P37 per litter. ($.74) Get diesel now P32 per liter.($.64). Bus minimum fare: P10 aircon ($.20)
3 :
If you want to live in the Philippines and you want to live at reasonable rates then stay out of Manila or Cebu, The closer to those two cities you get, the higher the price of living.
4 :
It depends on how you want to live. I live quite well on about USD 4,000 a month - but I drive a new RAV 4, my apartment overlooks Manila Bay, and go out on my boat every weekend. I think 1,000 USD is cutting it very close, even in the province. Is the object to be frugal or enjoy life? Food is very reasonable, DSL connection is USD 50 / mo, electricity is expensive, and in some provinces very sporadic.
5 :
Comfortable one around US$500/mo Average around UD$250/mo
6 :
Depends where in the Philippines obviously. Manila area I would want at least $2,000 US a month. In Cebu $1,200 - $1,500 a month. In the provinces you can get by for $500.
7 :
Below average - house rent - 3000 food - 1000 power - 500 broadband - 999 transport - 1000 TOTAL - -------------------- P6,499 (130 US$) Average - house rent - 5000 food - 3000 power - 2000 broadband - 999 transport - 3000 TOTAL - -------------------- P13,999(280 US $) Above Average - house rent - 10000 food - 5000 power - 3000 broadband - 999 transport - 4000 TOTAL - -------------------- P 22,999 (460 US$)
8 :
Free, if you beg Expensive, if you live large
9 :
Cost of living in the Philippines is very cheap as compared to cost of living in North America. That's why Filipinos can afford to drink all day and all night and not worry about work. Would you do that in North America? No way, your landlord will lock your apartment and put your things in auction.
10 :
It depends on your lifestyle and which part of the country you choose to live. Previous answers showed a breakdown of expenses and that's quite accurate.
11 :
$1000 dollars is too much for a month in the philippines... but if u prefer to live in eastwood, katipunan or makati(elite) i think that's just enough.

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