Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wut r the rqmts for a US minor to live in the philippines w/ grandparents

wut r the rqmts for a US minor to live in the philippines w/ grandparents?
Due to economic reasons, I plan on taking my son (1yr old) to the Philippines next year and leave him there with my parents. What type of documentations do I need to complete before taking him there? Thank you.
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If he is a US citizen you will have to apply at Philippines Immigration for a permanent resident visa
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If you dont want to pay for penalty fees. You and your son should apply for dual citizenship because after let say 1 or more year that your son would stay there, there would be a yearly accumulating penalty fess for overstaying. It's better to call your local Philippine Embassy in your place to ask the requirements on how you can reaquire your Pinoy Citizenship and so also your son. And almost roughly 70% of Filipino-American that want to stay in the Philippines for a longer period of time apply for Dual citizenship, to prevent them from being harassed by the customs and immigration in the Philippines Dual Citizenship means if you are a naturalized US Citizenship, you can apply to reacquire you Filipino Citizenship if your are born in the Philippines.

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