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What dog food should i give my labrador? I need something affordable, and i live in the philippines

What dog food should i give my labrador? I need something affordable, and i live in the philippines.?
I am feeding him country value right now, its like 45 php. But his crap is quite big and stinky. is there another kind of dog food in the philippines that i could substitute it with. something affordable.
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I really don't know if you guys carry Iams, Nutro Natural, Wysong - what's a 45 php? Any American dog foods there?? I am sure there are plenty of natural dog food internationally. If his crap is that big -what are you going to do the shrink it down?
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Suggest you just buy "sawdust" from any butcher/grocery - its fresh and however have to cook it, and throw in some veggies. It however lacks some nutrients so you might have to give him vitamins as well. Since its real meat, your dog shouldn't have any withdrawal symptoms....just alternate your regular dog food with it every now and then. As for the big crap...well, it comes with the territory of having a growing or big dog.
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I just changed my dogs diet, they went from royal cannin to a organic/natural diet. I have a rotweiller and a bichon. The breeder where i got my rotweiller from gave me this recipe. It's mcuh cheaper, it just takes a couple of hours to make but it lasts for a long time. Here is a list of what i feed and why. I make up about 40kg at a time. I go down to the local fruit and vegetable shop and they give me all of their bruised and really ripe fruit and vege that they can no longer sell. It is dirt cheap (i pay about $15 for 20kg). I then juice it all ( i use a comercial juicer), mix it with meat and freeze it. No cooking involved as it takes away all the nutrients. I don't peel anything, i put all of the leaves, roots, skin etc in. Pretty much i use the whole of the vege. The only things i don't put in the mix is obviously onions and anything too strarchy(potatoes etc). This receipe makes 40kg. 1.5kg of yoghurt - calcium, protein, B & A vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and fat.The bacteria in yoghurt normalises the bowel. If dogs get diarrhoea, yoghurt usually fixes it up. 30 free range eggs - protein and essential fatty acids, crush the shell and put it in ( if u want otherwise just put in the inside of the egg) for a good source of calcium. 4 raw livers - Vitamin A, Iron ... heaps of most other vitamins 20 cloves garlic - boosts immunity, keeps infecitons at bay, my dogs never have fleas (or any that i see anyway) 8 desert spoons of kelp powder - contains sodium, potassium and calcium, as well as iodine (this helps the thyroid to function and therefore keeps the metabolism going) 8 desert spoons brewers yeast - high in protein and carbohydrates, high in B vitamins, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, selenium (important as it slows down the aging process ie cancers etc and is important in treating arthritis) 4 desert spoons ascorbic acid - Vitamin C promotes immume system I then mix in the meat and put it in plastic containers and dump it in the freezer. When i feed it i add a drop of Vitamin E (antioxidant), and a teaspoon of cod liver oil (vitamin D, essential for strong bones) and flax seed oil as evidentally they loose viability if frozen. These are approximate, i never make it a hard and fast rule to add anything, if i am out of one of the supplements, i just leave it out and add it next time. I feed my dogs almost anything once a week, I save up all of our table scraps and 1 day a week they have this for a meal. This diet is great because you never have any food waste in your house. If it is not good for us to eat anymore, it goes in the dog container. I also feed them sardines, mackeral or any other fish. I just get tins from the supermarket. And of course heaps of raw meaty bones. I hate big marrow bones lying around, so I get brisket bones because they usually sit down and eat it all. I generally feed them chicken carcasses. The best thing is it is really cheap (40kg last me about 3 weeks with 3 dogs). I will get you about 20kg of meat and the same of veg. One day u can give ur dog the food u prepared and at the next day u can give him a chicken carcase ( big one) Just watch his weight, if he drops some weight give him more carcarsses and add more of the food u prepared to his bowl. Chicken carcasses and bones are good for them as they clean their teeth. Remember never to give dogs coocked bones as they r dangerous, just raw bones. Another thing i forgot to mention is that the meat is horse meat but u can use other type... it all depends on what u can get. And with the crap problem, this food will reduce the amount of it :) Well i hope this helped Good luck!
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Can you find Canidae out there? Great dog food and it's also affordable.

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