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can i live in philippines with my philippine wife

can i live in philippines with my philippine wife?
i am american man who loves a philippineo women can i live in the philippines with her if we are married
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Yes you can...You can either stay as a tourist and leave every 16 months to Hong Kong or other country for a day or 2, this involves renewing your visa every 59 days. You can get balikbayan visa good for one year which would involve going to Hong Kong or other country outside Philippines for a day or 2 (with your wife) and then returning together. You can also have your wife file a 13a spousal Visa for you which would make you a permanent resident. and you would only need to renew every 5 years... If you are thinking about working here, you can only do that with the 13a visa, if you can find a job (doubtful) If you have an income of less than 1,000 U.S. Dollars per month, as a foreigner think real hard before deciding to do the 13a is not so easy as many would have you believe I have lived here 7 years and I survive better than in the U.S. but I do not party hearty or travel (I survive)
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Yes as long as you have a decent steady income from the states. Jobs here are scarce and low paying. There are very few jobs for foreigners. So if you still need to work, the Philippines is not a place to move to.
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You can live in the Philippines whether you are married or not. The main thing as others have pointed out is to have your ducks in a row financially. Working here is generally not an option.
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Yep provided you meet all the requirements so that there will be no problem.
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yes. btw, it is 'filipina' when talking about women from the philippines; 'filipino' when talking about men. enjoy the romance.
6 :
Yes! I am doing it along with over 100,000 fellow Americans. Click on "bureau of" for details. You might also want to check out "living in cebu" for other people that are doing it.
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Yes you can do so, Foreigners who start a company or hires at least 5?? filipinos gets a PR status easily, but of course since you're married, to be able to get a PR, you will need to go to the Philippines Embassy in your own country as you may need documents, to submit a PR application, the most important declaration you will need is from the Police stating that your status with the law. As for me, i'm just travelling in and out, or extending / paying overstay fees at the airport, lol. I have been doing that for like 15 years now. Invest a bit in the Philippines early as prices will be skyrocketing when the bubble in the US dollar falls flat and i mean flat. Great place to live when the riots start. Good Luck.
8 :
Yes you can live with her here in the Philippines when you marry her.

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