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what is the cheapest place to live in the Philippines

what is the cheapest place to live in the Philippines?
I'm an american and i was thinking about living over there for awhile. how much money would I need to live on for several years without needing a job? I need to know about housing, car, and food prices.
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wow! sounds graet huh! nweiz, u will need around millions to buy ur own house, cars here in the philippines, its chaeper in the province but depends on ur lifestyle ...
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Here are some house prices in the Philippines. I don't really know much about that place so I can't really help you. Sorry.
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I Suggest That You Should Take A Job If You Want To Live Here For Quite Awhile.Through Its Much Cheaper Here That In The States I Would Recommend You To Have A Job. The Cheapest Places Here Are The Provinces,Enjoy The Fresh Barely Polluted Air,The Breath-Taking Sceneries,The Beach's Cool Waves.But If You Want To See Our Urban Areas You Can Try Our Capital,Manila Its Also Cheap There.You Can Settle There For Awhile Then You Can Go To Our Much Urbanized Cities Like Our Buisiness Distict,Makati City And One Of The Largest Cities,Quezon City.You Can Also Look Through Quezon City Rooms That Are Cheap. I Believe There Are Reantals That Cost About 100-150 Dollers A Month.If Your Just By Yourself, I Think You Will Need An Est. Amount Of 100-150 Dollers.Transportation Prices Are very Low We Offer Cabs That Start Their Meter To .75 cents(If The Conversion Is Right- Php 30),If You Are Going Somewhere Near You Can Ride A Tricycle That Usually Costs Just .60 Cents.(These Are Just Available In Some Areas They Only Travel Small Distances).You May Also Ride Our Trains That Takes You To Places In Metro Manila About .50 Cents,(Metro Rail Transit And The Light Rail Transit).You May Also Ride Our Famous Jeepney That Cost May 2-5 Pennies I Think.May A Car Rental Will I Think Cost About 20 Dollers Really Expensive Just Try Our Transportation Its Safe Anyways. But If You Still Want The Provinces Slash 10-15% In Housing And Food Prices
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it depends on hw much you got,chose davao city its the no.20th most livable place asia..and the no. one in the philippines and for the cost there a lot of place to chose where you want to stay,the 10th asian city in the future...if you want to leave like the locals you can rent an apartment for as low as 5K per month,in the heart of the city,the food it wont cost you that much you can have it fresh from the source,and the night life,is evrywhere,well sounds like you just want to have a staying place without working, i would recommend davao is best for you...peaceful and clean..nice people and it wont cost you that much..i dont say its cheap cost but i bet the price are just fine.. for you..
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Try BF Homes in Paranaque City in Manila ;) I live there and did u know it's the biggest subdivision in Asia? There's a foreigner living alone in our village. There are lots of decent homes and lots there.
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One of those islands in Batanes. You don't have to own a car. Just walk. No roads there pal.
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Go and live with the Aetas around Central Luzon. And you'll find out you dont need money to live...
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Tiny cities or towns. I know 3 foreigners all american & army veterans living comfortably on their pensions compared to the typical filipinos. Iloilo/ Dumaguete / Northern Mindanao. Food prices varies from city's/places your living. Metro cities like Manila or Cebu even Davao the food are quite expensive even their tiny stalls. My meals will go like P100-150 (that's a decent meal on tight budget/ not your jollibee/mc do meals).From where I am now I can have meal for about P50.00 below & I can buy a lot more w/ my P100.00 Housing/Cars? You need atleast a pension or other source of income to at least apply for a housing or car loans.

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