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Where do most people live in the Philippines

Where do most people live in the Philippines?
I'm doing a project on the Philippines and I have to answer the question: "Where do most people live in the Philippines" and i looked on google and most search engines but can't find anything
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a lot of people is in Manila right now because its the main city of the Philippines and the population there gets bigger and bigger because people in their provinces/country side goes there because there are more job vacancies and stuff... hope i helped
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the majority lives on the provinces, mostly based on agricultural areas...
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Mainly all people live in the host capital, Manila, but it is very interesting to know that the region NCR (National Capital Region) is habituated by almost 20 Million people, despite of its very small size.(636 square kilometers.) Other places are the CALABARZON Area, Cebu, Davao and Panay Region.
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they live in their homes,a house in the city,province or in the slums
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Metro Manila is densely populated (overpopulated, if you ask me). That's where most people are. Other key cities are Cebu and Davao. There are also a lot of people living in these places. Other people who do not live in cities live in provinces. By the way, I tried looking online for the population density of the Philippines that is broken down per province and this is the closest I found: 2000 Census of Population and Housing Among its findings are: - More than half of the Philippine population reside in Luzon - Four out of ten persons reside in NCR, Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog - Pangasinan leads in terms of population size - Davao City surpasses the one-millionth mark - NCR is the most densely populated region - Navotas is the most densely populated area in NCR - Cavite and Rizal are the most densely populated provinces Click on the link in the source field for more information. You may also contact the National Statistics Office (NSO) and inquire if they have the latest data on this matter. Hope this helps.
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Philippines is over populated. Many people who lives in the provinces wants to go in Manila as maids, janitor, et cetera to earn better money. Metro Manila is the answer. Manila is full of different cities. Paranaque, Baclaran, Quiapo, Dos castillas, Zamora... Metro Manila, is a city in Manila who is most over populated What's your race? And what project is this for? Thanks :]
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there are about 14 million people living in metro manila which makes up 15% of it's total population.
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i live in the philippines and i can tell you, most people live in Makati City. Manila is the main city of the Philippines but most people live in Makati. the next is Ortigas. :) i hope this helps. :)
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Three most populous regions were in Luzon More than half (55.97 percent) of the 76.5 million total population resided in Luzon, with seven regions. It was followed by Mindanao (23.70 percent) with six regions and the Visayas (20.30 percent) with only three regions. Table A. Population Distribution by Region: 2000 Region Total Population Percent Philippines 76,504,077 100.00 NCR 9,932,560 12.98 CAR 1,365,412 1.78 I - Ilocos 4,200,478 5.49 II - Cagayan Valley 2,813,159 3.68 III - Central Luzon 8,030,945 10.50 IV - Southern Tagalog 11,793,655 15.42 V - Bicol 4,686,669 6.13 VI - Western Visayas 6,211,038 8.12 VII - Central Visayas 5,706,953 7.46 VIII - Eastern Visayas 3,610,355 4.72 IX - Western Mindanao 3,091,208 4.04 X - Northern Mindanao 2,747,585 3.59 XI - Southern Mindanao 5,189,335 6.78 XII - Central Mindanao 2,598,210 3.40 XIII - Caraga 2,095,367 2.74 ARMM 2,412,159 3.15 Source: NSO, Various Censuses of Population and Housing Of the 16 regions comprising the Philippine archipelago, Southern Tagalog (Region 4) was the biggest in terms of population size. Southern Tagalog registered a total population of 11,793,655 persons accounting for 15.42 percent of the Philippine population. The National Capital Region (NCR) followed with 9,932,560 persons or 12.98 percent of the total population. Central Luzon (Region 3) registered the third largest population with 8,030,945 persons or 10.50 percent of the total population. These three regions combined comprised 38.90 percent of the total population.
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Majority of the population here in the Philippines live in the provinces. But if you're talking about "population density", Metro Manila is my answer to your question. Metro Manila is the capital of the Philippines, so it's the center of almost everything, so it follows that it's way too crowded. haha.
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at their own houses, because 99% of the filipinos wants to have their owned residence, not like americans and europeans they are satisfied to live by renting rooms til the of their life.
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Density wise Manila is like the most crowded in Asia or maybe in the world. Research population by density at Google. This is what Wikipedia says: "Population density-Manila With a population of 1,660,714 and a land area of 38.55 km², Manila has the highest population density of any major city in the world with 43,079 people/km² (with district 6 being the most dense with 68,266, followed by the first two districts (Tondo) with 64,936 and 64,710, respectively, and district 5 being the least dense with 19,235).[citation needed] Manila's population density dwarfs that of Paris (20,164 inhabitants per km²), Shanghai (16,364 people/km², with its most dense district of Nanshi's 56,785 density), Buenos Aires (2,179 people/km², with its most dense inner suburb Lanus' 10,444 density), Tokyo (10,087 people/km²), Mexico City (11,700 people/km²), and Istanbul (1,878 people/km², with its most dense district Fatih's 48,173 density). But when accounting for the entire urban area, Metro Manila drops to 85th place with 12,550 people/km² in a land area of 1,334km², behind even Cebu City, which ranks 80th." Goodluck to your project!
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About 15% live in Metro Manila.
15 :
My guess would be Metro Manila
16 :
On land.
17 :
most live under the bridges.
18 :
i think most people in the philippines live in metro manila . it could also be in quezon city . xD
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Most people live in Metro Manila, if we are talking about population density. Imagine 16% of the population crowded in 0.2% of land area. Yes, not on 2% but on 0.2% of the land area of the Philippines.

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