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I ask about cost of living in philippines, and got a lot of different answers, thanks for all the answers, but where can i go to find out for sure, about housing, and if what i make on my retirement I could live there and support a family, I have heard yes,and I have heard no, just wanting to find somewhere, that can give me good information
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The cost of everything in general is cheaper in the Philippines. But on the other hand, there are some cities and areas that you DO NOT want to live in.
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Roughly, the cost of living in P.I. is about half of what it is in the U.S.. Before Marcos was kicked out, it was a lot cheaper, about 5 to 15 cent to the u.s. dollar. But after he was removed, the military bases were removed. That took away a lot from their economy, so to make up, they increased the prices. Now it's some where like, depending what you buy, 35 cents - 50 cents to the U.S. dollar. Anyway, yes, you can live more easily on your retirement there than in the U.S. Depending what part of P.I. you live, in some parts it's still way cheaper to live. A maid can still be as low as about $50 a month. All of the various answers may have been correct. Depends which part and when they're talking about. It's enjoyable living there.
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Just be careful where you choose to live. Yes, everything is cheaper there.
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Very easy, there are yahoo groups that you can get that info from, one is and you can talk to others that live here in the Philippines. Bill
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I don't think there are any webpages out there that present a detailed cost of living index for the Philippines. As a general rule though, a family of four can get by on $1,000 a month in Metro Manila. Much less if you choose to live in the countryside. You may want to browse these pages for added insights. Take note though, that cost of living in Cebu City is significantly lower than in Manila, say by 20%? (Native cebuanos can give a better estimate): To monitor the prices of basic goods, refer to this site: Hope this helps.
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Go to the yahoo group Living in the Philippines 3. There are dozens of expats there that actually live all over the Philippines and can give you the cost of housing etc. and answer specific questions. We also have monthly budgets from the diffreant areas posted in the files section. If you want to know the "real deal" go there and ask questions from people like me that have lived here for years. I can assure you unless you live in a high cost area like Manilla, Cebu, Baggio or Boracay your retirement is more than enough to take care of a family of 4. I actually live here and have 2 kids in college, a maid and driver. I make roughly the same amount of money as you do and it's my sole source of income. I live comfortably and so can you. Also check out
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I went to philippines many times and i think it cheap but you need to have money to live there anyway,$1 = 52 peso i remember breakfast at jollibee is 150 peso like fried chicken with rice and a coke and the good citites live in is makati,greenhill san jose of manila are the best cities to live as my experience,good luck to you but remember it is very hot thought1

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