Tuesday, September 14, 2010

can i connect to the nintendo ds wifi if i live in the philippines

can i connect to the nintendo ds wifi if i live in the philippines? how?
im from the philippines and i keep on trying to connect my nintendo ds to wifi. but it's not working. i dont know if its just not available where i live. is it? how do i make i work?
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use wireless internet
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Its available anywhere or everywhere just use a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector or use a modem that has Wireless connection it cost about 30 or more dollars wherever you buy the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector. However you need to go to settings on your DS before you go online to give it a test run before you go on Wi-Fi. Always be near it or in the same room when using a USB Wi-Fi port when going to distant away from the USB port the signal will fade but if you have the wireless modem you can play on Wi-Fi everywhere in the first floor house hold. Good luck God bless.

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