Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting published in New York if I live in the Philippines

Getting published in New York if I live in the Philippines?
HI! i live in the Philippines and writing a novel. I wonder if it's possible for me to get my book published in the publishing house in U.S...i mean, how could be the transactions? the signing of papers and collecting of royalties? the genre of my novel is young adult..thx!
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I don't know about getting published in New York, but I am sure you can get published in the U.S. if in no other way than self publishing platforms. I am currently helping someone from Gambia, South Africa. I would be glad to offer assistance if you need it. Also try this site, it is a self publishing site, It doesn't cost any upfront money to publish here. If you need help, visit my site at and leave a message; I will respond as quickly as possible. Good Luck.
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Yes, you can. Publishers now offer services almost to all countries. Now considering that there are so many publishers already always place in mind that your book is your work and that no one should be telling you what to do with - it should be up to your discretion how it should be published, printed and marketed. As for your case, you can actually do all that online :) I just love technology. I wish you luck! :)

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