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How hard is it to retire and live in the Philippines if you are not from there. How much money would it take

How hard is it to retire and live in the Philippines if you are not from there. How much money would it take?
I am married to a Filipina, and she would like to move back in a few years. I am just starting to research this, and thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any insight? Is this something you would suggest. Oviously I have travelled there several times, and I know what life is like there. How will things be there in 20 Years? Would you consider living there?
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A lot of people do it, and of course living is cheap there. Their government even encourages it, in order to attract more foreign investment. But, yes, the catch is what money do you bring along? Do you collect Social Security? Disability? That might help... Or if you make lots of money and then transfer it there. If it were easy, everyone would do it... The postmaster in Saipan once cleaned out the safe and fled there, probably still lives there.
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not hard at all considering the money you'll be bringing with you is dollars. you'll live a good life there. if you really know how life is in the philippines and can manage that then you'll be good to go. i'm assuming you'r wife is from outside manila which will be better.
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It that is what will make you and your wife happy then you should definitely go for it! When I was 18 years old, had no income, I decided I would up and move to Europe. I had no one to help me. I sold every object I owned to buy a plane ticket and a passport. All of my belongings fit into one suitcase and off I went. It was the best choice that I ever made. I married one of the locals and 9 years and 2 beautiful children later, I am as happy as I could be. If you want something, then do it. Because it is possible. Good luck!
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i have a friend from england who told me this, "if i retire in england with my pension, my wife has to work. here, we live like kings." i think that is the reason why we have an increasing expatriate community, returning overseas contract workers(ocw), filipino-americans coming back and retiring in the philippines.**
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I moved to the Philippines to Iloilo City with my Filippina wife over 5 years ago. I have no regrets and no intentions of returning to the U.S. ever. We have bought some property in a nice subdivision and plan on moving in sometime next month. Vacationing here and actually living here day to day are two entirely differant things. Although living here is similar to the states, it is definately not the same. It's easy to move here and your eligable for a 1 year free visa through the balikbuyan program along with other duty free household items you might want to bring here. You are eligable for a 13a spousal visa and can stay here as long as you wish. How much is where ? Manilla and Cebu are the most expensive areas to live and I would not attempt to live there without an income of at least $1,500 a month. Everywhere else $1,000 a month seems to be the number most expats feel comfortable living on. I would suggest renting for at least the first year. Living near relatives can be a blessing or a curse. Either way by renting for a year you will know the area and can decide which area best suits you. Besides it's easy to move if your renting. Lousey neighbours I.E. the ones that own fighting cocks, karoke machines and burn trash can make life miserable. There is a yahoo group Living in the Philippines 3 and a website that has tons of good info. Read the daily messages and check the files section. You can also post and ask questions there. There are quite a few of us expats living in differant areas that can help answer your questions. What's it going to be like in 20 years ? I don't think anyone has a clue. All I know is I love living here with my family and 20 years from now, I will still be living here. Feel free to E mail me if you'd like to know more from someone actually living here.
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Every time I get stressed out I tell my husband (his American) to just sell everything we have, pack and move to the Philippines we would live like King and Queen with what we have. I changed my mind every time I think of leaving all the luxury that we have here in America, this is the land of opportunities. I love it here. So no, I would not consider and would not recommend living back there, I am proud to be a Filipino but my parents work so hard to bring us all here to have a better life so why look back.
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That is my long term plan. I do want to retire in the Phils. We have bought some investments there but at the moment these are not enough so I have to save some more.
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I am an American Pastor living on the Island of Cebu with my wife who is Filipina. I wish you had email so I could send this to you but since you don't I had to put my respoce here. I have lived here coming up 4 years. My income is only around $700 U.S. dollars. With that income alone, we pay all our needs and do our ministry which mainly consists of a Radio Program 2 1/2 hours per week on Radyo Natin. We also help support 2 other families each month. We recieve no othe income, only that $700. disability from the States. The point I am trying to make is... It depends on how you want to live and if you want to help others in need once and awhile when you get here.

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