Monday, November 1, 2010

how to join i tunes store when you live in the philippines

how to join i tunes store when you live in the philippines?
i want to use itunes store and i live in the philippines how do im use itunes store
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1 :
Down at the very bottom of the screen of the iTunes music store homepage it should have something for countries. If yours isn't listed, just use any store you can understand the language in. First you have to download iTunes before you do this. Then you to sign in and then create your account. It's really simple. Just follow the steps. Also, if you want to create an account and skip using a credit card, get a prepaid iTunes card and redeem that instead. Good luck!
2 :
the same as in the US.
3 :
philippines is not included in the country list, so u gotta choose the US instead

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