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Safest area to live in the Philippines

Safest area to live in the Philippines?
What area is the safest place to live in the Philippines?Least amount of crime. Also what area has a lower humidity level? Are there many natives who speak english?Thank you for any responces.
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Cebu! The best area with low crime rates also. Nice are for business as well
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Personally, I'd suggest Baguio City. The people there are more ethical and a lot of them are educated. Many of them are required to take an English class from second grade to their high school years. They'll only have trouble understanding you because of your accent and you'll have trouble understanding them because of theirs. The biggest thing that will be your concern is traveling around the city. Traffic is horrible (the worse thing about it, imo) and the pollution in the city gets really bad during the rainy season, as it is anywhere else in the country. Unlike being in the provinces, you do not have to be cramped in a tricycle (motorcycle with a side car) for your public transportation. They have jeeps and taxis. Unlike most places, this city is not as humid and the weather doesn't get unbearably hot. The pollution is uncomparably better than most cities in the country. The weather is very much like southern California. Perfect through and through. The thing about it is, it's not easy to get to other places such as Manila or any place further than Manila. Manila alone is 6 hours away. Despite being in a city on top of mountains, the good news is that it's not so bad there compared to anywhere else. It used to be "The Greenest and Cleanest City" from at least about 20 years ago and still is today. Low crime rates is true in Baguio city but "low crime rates" is different. You will have to watch your purse and pockets closely wherever you go in the country. Also, unlike provinces, the city can provide your needs; like a fire truck or an ambulance, an internet cafe or a Louis Vuiton purse. Depending on the neighborhood you pick, like one with a gated security; it will be very peaceful and serene for you and your family. The spectacular views of the mountains are yours for a little more $$$. It's worth it. (Check out the links I provided to see some of the spectacular views) I almost forgot to mention the rich culture of Baguio City. The natives there are very friendly. There are strawberry fields and rice fields in the outskirts of the city. The people you meet there will come from all over the country. Most of the people are there to go to school or on vacation. Baguio City is also known for its golf courses and their colorful flower parades during the summer. The city is also known as "City of Pines" and also known as "The summer capital of the Philippines". Hope that helps.
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you go for Tagaytay!!!
4 :
davao city
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Cebu is about the most civilized and modern area that I've noticed in Philippines. Most of the Visaya area provinces are pretty foreigner-friendly but if you need conveniences and malls, Cebu City is the way to go. Stay away from Manila metro area as they all hate each other there its so crowded and polluted. Foreigner is just another fair game there. That said, I think anywhere in The Philippines is safer than most major metro areas of USA.
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I have lived in four provinces/places in the Philippines to date, and just like Ms. Honesty, I would say Baguio City is a relatively safe place to live. I lived in Baguio City for 6 years, and I cannot recall one untoward incident. People in Baguio City speak and understand English.
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Manila is safe, (main areas like makati) Majority of the people here can speak english and it is widely understood too. English is also an official language of the Philippines so if you talk to someone and just smile at you don't think he/she did not understand you Filipino people are naturally shy you just have to be patient(the elders). Its humid all over the Philippines since its a tropical country. Someone above me said the weather is like Southern California? Are you serious? California is dry its a dessert and the heat wave in SoCal is HOT HOT HOT and during winter time It gets really Cold much colder than Baguio! if I'm going to compare it to any US state Florida is my best bet its warm and humid and cool during winter time. and it rains too.. California on the other hand Has few rainfalls.

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