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I am a 22 year old boy, I live in Philippines,I indulge sex to a 17 year old girl, is it legal

I am a 22 year old boy, I live in Philippines,I indulge sex to a 17 year old girl, is it legal?
The problem is she got pregnant,and I don't want to have a family yet,Is it legal?Do you think I am free for child abuse law?She is my girlfriend before, and there is no harassment or any alcoholic drinks involve before we committed sex.What should I do then?Please help me. I need a legal advice.Thank you very much.
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if theres grass on the field, PLAY BALL!
2 :
Looks like you just went from 22yr.old boy to 22yr.old man.Don't know what the law is there concerning legal age but the honorable thing to do has always been to marry the girl and raise the little nipper.If you are seeking the easy way out,you won't get it from me.
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I'd be more worried about her folks... thats a 5 year gap.. but try to work it out with her if shes considering abortion.. thats what i did when i was 16 i wasnt ready to be a dad either.. I mean if you guys both come to an understanding I think it can be resolved and plus you guys were together once and she committed to the whole sex situation so that just disqualifies the whole "child" abuse thing..
4 :
My boyfriend& me went threw the same thing when I had my son. I'm 17 and he's 23. As long as she didn't refuse the sex, her mom is fine with it, not pressing charges, & allowed you guys to be together, then there is nothing to worry about. now for you not wanting to be a dad yet, unless she gets an abortion WHICH IS WRONG!, sorry bud, get use to the fact& be a man cause you're going to be a daddy soon!

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