Monday, February 7, 2011

Where would you rather live the Philippines or Singapore

Where would you rather live the Philippines or Singapore? Why?
Where would you rather live the Philippines or Singapore? From what I've heard you couldn't have two places that could be completely different from each other. My question to you is what country is better to live in? Which country has happier, friendlier people? Which country has better quality of life? Which country has better job opportunities and economic growth? Which country has hotter girls? (Don't need to answer this one if you don't want to!!) Which country do you think is an overall happier place to be?
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1 :
Singapore - much cleaner, people are more disciplined and low crime rate
2 :
Quite personally, I would rather not live in either of these countries but out of the two I would have to say the Philippines because my aunt, uncle, and some other family members live there so I would relate to it more and I have seen their culture. Also, flilipino food is wonderful! :)
3 :
definitely singapore, u can go out way into the night without worries. pple in the philipines will be friendlier but hey, make a few friends in singapore and u'll be happy already. the quality of life in singapore is definitely better then in philipines. singapore's one of the fastest growing country in the world economically wise and technologically wise too. but if u wanna be laid back and relax, philipines is ur choice. singapore will be rather stressful. but for me, it'll be singapore hands down. clean and safe. did i mention the food in singapore? awesome!
4 :
You go to the Philippines and you'll discover how great it is to live by. Filipinos are the most friendly individuals in the whole world. If it's your first time in the country, don't worry you'll not get lost or murdered because the folks there love foreigners. That's a fact. You could get the better quality of life if you want to in that country. Which country has better job opportunities and economic growth? well,it's not the phil. but it's a country which has an overall happier place to be!
5 :
I will live in the Philippines when I retire.
6 :
if i have to choose i would def choose Philippines over Singapore. I've never been to Singapore but if I have to pick which country is better to live in I'd still pick the Philippines because it's my home country and I'm proud to call it 'my home'. Philippines is a very happy country and I love it there soooo much and I am missing it badly :( I must admit it, it's a poor country but sure is a happier place to be. People their are friendly and funny and you will def enjoy your time living there. There's a lot of wonderful places to visit. Foods are delicious and the country is just so wonderful. MABUHAY PILIPINAS!!!!

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