Monday, February 1, 2010

Is it illegal to breed/sell Salmon in the Philippines

Is it illegal to breed/sell Salmon in the Philippines?
or they dont live in tropical waters?
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I never heard that salmon would be illegal in the Philippines but salmon like all different trouts love cold water - may be max 16-18 degrees C the Philippines would have plenty of clear mountain creeks or rivers with pure crystal clear water but even in the high mountains way up in the Cordilleras, water is around 20C and more downhill near or at ocean level fresh water is 25-30C or warmer hence it is far too hot in tropical countries for salmon or trouts In the Philippines you could do alternative methods of Tilapia farming instead of pond farming, to Tilapia in open flooded rice fields no food needed, no problems with temperature Tilapia is a tropical fresh water fish - eating anything and everything - mosquito larvae, or any kind of insects of live in rice fields and plants as well In addition Philippine people love Tilapia, hence it is easy to find consumers
2 :
No and you are right they do not thrive in PH waters.
3 :
I didn't know a person could breed with a salmon....anything else yes..doggie, donkey

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