Thursday, January 14, 2010

How do I fix my resume in acting when I'm still a kid, live in the Philippines & school plays stink

How do I fix my resume in acting when I'm still a kid, live in the Philippines & school plays stink?
I want to act, I live in the Philippines, Our school plays aren't nice, I'm a kid, Our drama club stinks
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Be bold and tell them to step up on the plays and make better quality plays. I've seen acting in the PI. My family has TFC so I know. Acting there isn't very impressive. If you can in the future, try to study abroad, like in London, England or the United States. I'm guarantee you'll receive superb acting lessons in places such as those. Best of luck and don't ever give up on your passion.
2 :
No Marie your a kid , your spoiled, Your a know it all, The club does not stink--WHY??? You stink and will not conform and be an actress and play the part. Any person can be arrogant, ugly and complain. Act play the role of life and have fun.
3 :
you are only young and right now and until you can gert proper training in a better metropolitan area you should take what you can. Take as many classes as possible and work with your teacher by expressing how you feel. Some of the best actors and actresses starterted doing small time productions and plays at school. I am 17 years old and am currently doing Year 12 VCE Theatre Studies and am with an agency that helps for outside of school oppurtuinities. I want to do something bigger in the future after school and i have done dodgy productions and silly drama classes but it is all worth it. Make a CV (resume) including hobbies and interests, name, age, height, weight, experience etc. remember Maria there are no small parts their are only small actors. think big and you will be.

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