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If money were no object, where would you live in the Philippines and abroad

If money were no object, where would you live in the Philippines and abroad?
Please state where you currently live and give reasons to your answers. 1. I live in NYC. 2. I would choose to live somewhere between Quezon City and Makati. I like being able to visit both places and enjoy being where the action is. The provinces are nice to visit, but they can get boring easily. 3. Outside the Philippines, I would like to live in Alaska or the Midwest, like Kansas City. I like open country. I couldn't live anywhere that English was not the main language.
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1 :
Currently NYC................i would keep a place here(in the 50's).and a place in Hawaii.......
2 :
Is this question intended for non-Filipino citizen only? Here are my answers anyways: 1. I live in Manila, Philippines. 2. I'd like to get a vacation house somewhere in Tagaytay because it's near the metropolis and it's got cool climate and lesser pollution I believe. 3. Outside the Philippines, I'd like to live in Paris Italy and see new culture.
3 :
I now live in Manila. I lived in LA and I loved it! The city had lots to offer and plus the pace was right for me. I made friends very easily and it's the best place for single people! I miss it and couldn't wait to go back. I'd like to give NYC a shot. Or even Sydney, for I have been there a few times. I can never imagine living outside the city. I like the beach and small quaint towns too, but to live in such places for more than three months, I will die of boredom or un-urbanization.
4 :
I currently live (and work) here in Houston, TX. And I sure would love to pack up my stuff and live in the Philippines (we have a house in Quezon City) as soon as tomorrow. The problem is my parents seem to think I'd do a lot better (opportunity-wise) here in the States. It's okay here's just that I'm so homesick!!!!!
5 :
1. I live in Sacramento, California. 2. I would live in Boracay and have a huge house there so all of our family and friends could visit year round. 3. Outside of P.I. - I'd move back to San Francisco.
6 :
1. I formerly lived in New Jersey. My wife and I moved to Iloilo City in January 2002. We moved here because of the lower cost of living and the climate, beautiful beaches etc.
7 :
1. I'm here somewhere in the UK. 2. I would like to live in a house in Tagaytay or Baguio. 3. Ouside the Philippines, I would like to live near Central park in New York.
8 :
Crete , Greece
9 :
I am now retired early in Thailand from the usa. It is warm or hot all year round. I like the food here. I love Thai woman. I like living in a Buddhist country. It feel a safe country to live in. Philippines would be my 2nd choice.
10 :
I currently live in Alabang, in Tagaytay, and in Baguio I do not wish to live anywhere else, I have trouble dividing my time as it is between these 3 homes. I would love to have a vacation house in one of the islands around Phuket, because I do not have a beach property and I do not want another house in the Philippines.
11 :
1. i live in QC and Bacolod (1 month in bacolod then back to qc for a month) 2. I would choose to live in forbes park in Makati (particularly South Forbes) because it's my dream place to live in and have a house in. It's the most exclusive subdivision in the Philippines and owning a house there is the exclamation point that you have it made. 3. Outside the Philippines, It's a tossup on Japan and USA but if i had to pick ... i'd go to Japan (Tokyo).

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